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Movie: Heart Attack
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Rating : 2.50
Released On : Jan 31, 2014
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Heart Attack Review, Heart Attack Movie Review: Hero Nitin much awaited movie Heart Attack. the Heart Attack movie expectations are gigantic.  The Movie set the box office ablaze? Let's check out Heart Attack Movie Review


Varun (Nithiin) a free soul roams around the Spain to enjoy his life. In his colorful life Varun falls in love with Hayathi (Adah Sharma) and asks for a deep kiss to burn his 3000 calories. Hayathi comes to Spain to help his friend Priya's love matter with Haridas an African. Ramanna Baba (Brahmanandam) a Krishna devotee and have's regular conversations with lord Krishna hates black. But with the help of Varun (Nithiin) Ramanna baba accepts Priya's love affair. In the mean while Varun rejects love with Hayathi but wanted a deep kiss. She leaves Spain and goes to help her father who has been paralyzed by Goa drug head Makarand (Ajaz Khan). To see her father happy she accepts marriage with Makarand. Will Varun realize the love with Hayathi? Did Makarand marry Hayathi forms the rest of the story line.

Analysis :

For a movie which was supposed to be a Romantic Action entertainer, there should have been an element of suspense spiced up with an entertaining screenplay. The engaging element was broken even before the story started to unfold while the screen play limped every now and then halting the proceedings.

After sitting through some tedious proceedings, moving towards the climax, when the audiences try hard to carry themselves of the fact that their wallets got looted, the director tries to save them with an element of twist. But the damage has been done already and it is too little too late.

Overall, with a run time of exactly 150 minutes, Heart Attack partially succeeds in Action element. But unfortunately, the film is not as convincing as it should have ideally been.

TeluguOne Perspective :

Director Puri Jagannadh has the talent and the skill required to carry off a Romantic Action film, but the storyline gave it away. The ideas of Puri are interesting, no doubt, but the translation is not fascinating and focusing. Puri tries to make it up with stylish execution - fine stunts - eye-filling visuals which are worth a watch, but let's not forget that an enthralling story is what a moviegoer wants at the end of the day. Everything else is secondary. The first half is with its slow pace drags along and almost half of it is spent in introducing the characters. The film catches pace as it nears the climax. The use of over fights could have been avoided a few instances. Music by Anup Rubens is excellent. Cinematography is top notch. Although Puri Jaggandh deserves some credit for handling a subject of such sensitivity, he's to be blamed as well for not giving it a satisfying execution. His effort to show Nithin Reddy as a larger than life character seems to have taken away all his concentration from the script.


Nithin Reddy delivers a good performance, although he is getting repetitive with his facial expressions. His dialogue delivery and comic timing is perfect. Adah Sharma, had a cardboard look throughout the movie and hardly managed to smile even during the song sequences. She looked much elder to Nithin. Ajaz is excellent in a few scenes while strictly average in others. Devan as father of Adah is okay. Brahmanandam comedy is the only entertainment movie has for the Telugu audience. Ali is promising in his role as Thalaivaa fan. One of the major saving graces was Ali's buffoonery and liners which made room for some genuine fun and laughter, even though crude at times.


Editing had helped the movie to a large extent with a decent first half, but sadly sagged during the latter. Music by Anup Rubens was a highlight. The numbers 'Selavanuko' and 'Ra Ra Vasthava' were hummable, while 'Nuvvu Ante Naku Istam' the favorite among the front benchers. Production values are grand.

1. Cinematography
2. Music by ANup Rubens
3. Two Fights Sequences
4. Locales


1. Story-line
2. Slow Narration
3. Screenplay
4. Second Half

Bottom Line: Neither a joyous love story nor a serious movie, "Heart Attack" actually stands in between.

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