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Movie: Gambler
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Rating : 2.50
Released On : Sep 9, 2011
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Gambler Telugu movie review - Gambler movie review – Gambler review: Gambler (Mankatha in Tamil) is coming with huge expectations and its Ajith's 50th film too and the fan base wants to see their favorite star sizzling in what could be a benchmark movie. So let's driver in Gambler movie review!


Mumbai police goes into tizzy with a serious issue regarding bookies and match fixing. Vinayak (Ajith) is a police officer serving suspension for 6 months. He falls in love with Sanjana (Trisha), daughter of a powerful local gangster Mahadev (Jayaprakash). In an attempt to dictate Mumbai, Mahadev plans to steal the 500 crores used for betting during IPL. But four men gang Sumanth (Vaibhav), Prem (Premji), Mahat (Mahat Raghavendra), Ganesh (Ashwin Kakumanu), a sub-inspector at Dharavi in Mumbai plan a trap and wants to run away with this money. And knowing about this, Vinayak also joins the group and starts leading the gang and finally managed to steal the money. What happens after that and where will the money go is to be watched on the silver screen.

Analysis :

Director Venkat Prabhu has done an mean job in weaving an anecdote related to cricket betting and bookies. Gambler movie is a complete action thriller and I must say that Venkat Prabhu did not do justice to make it a gripping story. The screenplay was faltering and it started to confound the audience several points. The storytelling was more centering around the ballyhoo of Ajith, his looks and action, and not the script. Venkat Prabhu has managed to bask on Ajith's following and showcased Ajith in a unique way – Grey-haired Ajith rather.

Kudos to Ajith – He selected a superb character that has ample scope for performance and improvisation and he once again proves that he's right up there when it comes to box office collections . He is at his very best in the  masala looks and his body language is pretty typical. We have to say that Ajith has shouldered the entire movie, which is in fact, an out-and-out Ajith film.

TeluguOne Perspective :

Expounding the storytelling aspects, Venkat Prabhu fumbled in making the script far more interesting. He could have done better job in making content more compact and  absorbing instead of focusing on style and grandeur. There are too many subplots in the movie which is literally deviating from the original story. Also, there are too many characters performing at the same time and there's no time for the audience to correlate these characters. And this is because the focus was only on Ajith. By contrast, naturally, the rest of the casting is at least ten paces behind him.

There's no character that ignites laughter (cant expect in an action movie?) coupled with too much hoopla without any proper reason in action scenes. You could see more of action sequences every next second and less focus on the script and this doesn't really work. An hour into the film and you astonish if the huge build-up so far is just a lot of hot air. The dialogues aren't comic, the sequences are very predictable, the gun-fights are silly at times, the heroines vanish if you blink, and it's only in the last ten minutes that the movie gains the lost momentum and re-surfaces but that's too late..isn't it?


Ajith - Sporting a scruffy stubble, Ajith's charisma and style has hogged the limelight.
Arjun – The action king once again looks vintage and in his usual best. Trisha and Lakshmi Rai are alright and dont have much role to play. Rest of the casting is satisfactory.


Cinematography is very good in this an action-packed movie as Sakthi Saravanan has given a fresh color to it. It's Yuvan Shankar Raja's background score elevates the tempo of the action sequences but songs very ordinary. Editors Praveen K L and N B Srikanth should have edited the film better as the movie still needs lots of editing.

Final Word

Gambler movie is purely for the masses! Its a run on the mill action movie but it worked out only because of Ajith's magic. Watch out only for Ajith's antics and his stylish Grey-haired look!


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