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Star Son Cheated Producers

on Mar 7, 2017

This young hero is from a star family hasn’t even scored a single commercial hit so far. Since he has big backing, he has been getting continuous offers. While some of his films were made under home production, few were made under other production houses.

The young hero’s recent release has got lukewarm response is turning out to be a disaster. It is providing massive losses to producers who spent good amount, far higher than the hero’s market range. Since, they didn’t know much about film production, they blindly depended on the hero and followed his instructions.

The young hero did the film at the remuneration of Rs 1 crore. Later, he requested the producers to owe him another 36 lakhs which he told them to give back later. He gave a cheque for the 36 lakhs. But, much surprise to them the cheque was bounced when they tried to withdraw money to pay dues just before the release. They are not speaking out on this with a fear from the star family.

While it is big blunder of producers spending huge amount on this hero, its hero who cheated the new producers by not assisting them in any aspect!

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