Sri Jaya Nama Ugadi Utsavam on Sunday March 30th 4:30PM

Telugu Mitrulandariki Namaskaram!

Preparations are almost done for SiliconAndhra

Sri Jaya Nama Ugadi Utsavam

at 4:30pm on Sunday March 30th, 2014 

in Sunnyvale Hindu Temple auditorium

450 Persian Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 94089.

As part of this year's Ugadi celebrations, SiliconAndhra is proud to present
a unique art form  


Smt. Lalitha Kameswari & Smt. Rama Kumari

Netravadahanam involves transmission of words and sentences merely  through eyes. Earliest mention of the skill can be found in Kalidasa's Kumara Sambhavam. Each letter, whether vowel or consonant, has a corresponding movement of  eyeballs. An amalgam of such movements becomes a syllable which then  progresses to be a word. Even corrections and cancellations are encoded. 

Smt. Lalitha garu and Smt. Rama Kumari garu in town preparing for the event.

Siliconandhra is also putting together a full day of fun filled events such as Bhasha Vikasa Poteelu for children, Panchanga Sravanam, Kavi Sammelanam  and Ugadi Pacchadi.

Program details

Bhasha Vikasa Poteelu at 10 AM: Let us encourage the kids to compete in different categories to showcase their Telugu skills. Registration is closed and please contact Satyapriya garu or Madhuri Kaja garu if you still want to register or click click here . You can find details of the competition here.

Panchanga Sravanam at 4:30 PM

Kavi Sammelanam


Pasandaina Vindu Bhojanam

Let us start the new year with a memorable event and celebrate Ugadi with great splendor and tradition.  The event is FREE for all, including the Vindu Bhojanam.  Please join with your family and friends to celebrate this auspicious day in a very traditional way.

For more details please visit or contact:
Smt. Priya Tanugula 949 572 9320 ,  Smt. Madhuri Kaja   408 212 0724

Thank you,

Vijaya Saradhi Madabushi

President, SiliconAndhra


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