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SiliconAndhra has been working for the last 12 years with the spirit of Telugu literature, culture and tradition. Now SiliconAndhra embarked upon a new initiative of starting the world class University of Silicon Andhra in California, USA from next academic year. On the auspicious Vijaya Dasami day, the logo of the University of Silicon Andhra is launched at the same time simultaneously in India and USA. In India the logo is launched at the hands of Sri PVRK. Prasad, IAS (Retd), the legendary administrator and in USA it is launched by Dr. Pappu Rama Rao, world renowned Professor in Philosophy. A lot of thought process went into designing the logo. Please see below the interpretation of the USA Logo.




University of Silicon Andhra is committed to providing a dynamic and unique learning environment built on the wonderful combination of Indian classicism and American modernism.  The colors of the logo signify the union of the East and West thought processes. Orange, White and Green representing India while Red, White and Blue represent the United States of America. The four colored elements of different sizes symbolize that knowledge comes in different forms, shapes and types. The smooth flowing contours of each element represent the Character, Culture, Creativity and Community of the academic body with unity in diversity. The central White space represents the open learning environment always surrounded by vibrancy. 'Purna Kalasam', literally means a 'Full Vessel' and here symbolically it is a sign of plenty of learning opportunities. All the items used in the 'Purna Kalasam' signify life in its bloom and plenty. It also indicates that human beings are part of nature and when nature thrives human beings too flourish. The invisible part of the 'Purna Kalasam' denotes its connection to the vastness of the universal knowledge pool. 

Sincerely request your blessings and full support to make this first ever historic initiative of University of Silicon Andhra a grand success. Thank you very much.

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