Sree Vikruthinama Ugadi Subakankhsalu from President’s Pen

Dear TASC Family member,

Sree Vikruthinama Ugadi Subakankhsalu. I hope everyone is safe and healthy out there. Here we are at the turn of one more page in the history of time to witness the Vikruthi Nama Samvatsaram. I am happy to announce that our first get together for the year is getting closer. I understand that we don’t have the same atmosphere here like back home but the TASC team is gearing up with full force to bring back those memories. We will listen to the Panchanga Sravanam, eat the Ugadi Pachhadi, indulge in Ganalahari by Tollywood Famous singers and cheer to the performances from Kids, youth and Adults. I can’t wait to look forward to meeting you all on March 20th at Excelsior Auditorium, Norwalk.

In this term, We are working towards putting together projects focusing on kids, youth cultural awareness, educational resources, reach out to our community to engage and expand our TASC family and looking to achieve many more within the limited time I have with the help of great team. I take the full responsibility and promise to serve in the best interest of our organization.

I once again want to remind you our strength is our members. I urge you to renew your memberships/become member/encourage your friends to become members and take all available advantages of being a TASC member. As always, please extend your support and let us all make TASC a truly binding organization. I sincerely thank you all for giving me the opportunity to serve TASC.

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