TASC Star Night Celebrations

This is the time for relaxing and enjoying the biggest event of the year at TASC. The La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts offers a cozy, pleasant and stylish atmosphere to make the moment memorable. You will be greeted by enthusiastic and friendly organizers who will usher you through the registration desk to tasty south Indian food area. From there you can proceed to the beautiful lobby of the theater to socialize with who you generally get to see at the programs. Once you are in the Hall you will be guaranteed to be enthralled by the awesome mimicry, folklore, comedy, reverse gear songs, dance, drama and Music performances by renowned Telugu cine artists from India.


We request you to start early so that you will not miss any of the excitement. Onsite early registration starts at 5 PM. It is fortunate to have a person like Dr. Prem Sagar Reddy who was recognized as Nation’s 50 most powerful physician executives in healthcare belongs to our community. His generous contributions greatly helped to bring a shape to this program. We thank Dr. Prem and Dr. Shanthi Reddy from bottom of our hearts and wish them a continued success. Please mark your calendar for July 10th, 2009 Friday evening to join the TASC Star Night Celebrations!

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