Global Science Fair is TANA's New Initiative

An exclusive Global Science Fair portal for Telugu youth "" has been launched by TANA on May 4th in Dallas, Texas.   Prof. Mathukumilli Vidyasagar, University of Texas Dallas at Richardson who has been awarded Fellowship of Royal Society of UK for his great contributions to the field of Robotics, Biology and Genetics launched the portal.  


TANA President Prasad Thotakura congratulated Rajesh Veerapaneni, Chairman of the TANA Science Global Fair and the team of volunteers for their hard work and said, It is TANA's mission to encourage and provide a platform for Telugu youth to participate in educational competitions and excel. Interested science talented students can upload their science projects by accessing A team of International judges evaluate these projects and select the finalists. Grand finals will be held in Dallas, TX next year. It is a great opportunity for Telugu students across the World to participate and get recognized on a MEGA international stage at TANA Convention to be held in Dallas from July4th-6th, 2013. For example a ZP High School student from Nalgonda area can compete with a Telugu origin student from New York area without incurring any cost and compare their knowledge level.  


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Mohan Nannapaneni, Executive Vice-president, Dr. Chowdary Jampala, Board of Directors Chairman, Dilip Kuchipudi, Foundation Chairman  Ram Yalamanchili, Secretary, congratulated the team and requested all Telugu students worldwide to participate and make use of this great opportunity.   Speaking on the launch, Prof Vidyasagar in his own words, "I am very happy to note that TANA (Telugu Association of North America) has announced Global Science Fair for Telugu youth. Telugu community is a pioneer in providing high quality education. With just 7% of the population of India, Telugu's every year send 25% to 30% of the successful candidates to the IIT. Telugu community also accounts for more than 25% of all software engineers. The key to sustaining this excellence is to provide an opportunity for talented students from anywhere to participate, on a near equal footing, with other students. This is precisely the aim of the TANA Global Science Fair. I wish the Fair all success."  


Rajesh Veerapaneni, Chairman TANA Global Science Fair said, science and technology are proven to be critical factors to Telugu's success on the world stage. It is a known fact that even though we have a great talent in Academics, we need far more scientific research talent to make a mark on the international stage. It is time for all of us to empower and encourage scientific talent in Telugu Youth. He invited all the organizations, schools, teachers to be affiliated with the science fair and requested sponsors, judges and volunteers to participate actively and register in the portal.  


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The launch event was attended by the TANA Global Science Fair Advisory and Core Team members Dr. Pudur Jagadeeswaran, Dr. Viswanatham Puligandla, Dr. Sita Mulukatla, Pratap Yalamanchili, Seshagiri Rao Sunkara, Vijaya Lanka, Srinivas Gunturi, Sridhar Kodela, Srinivas Pamidimukkala, Praveen Gorakavi, Srinivas SG, Vijaya Lanka, Srinikesh Reddy, Monisha Veerapaneni.   TANA Regional Representative Manjulatha Kanneganti, Ratna Kumar Daggubati, KC Chekuri, MVL Prasad, Vinod Uppu, Chalapathi Rao Kondrakunta, Samba Dodda, Srikanth Polavarapu, Sudheer Chintamaneni also participated in the event.  



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