PFL demands Strong Lokpal, marched in India Day parade in various cities across US

“Bharat Maata ki Jai” slogans resounded in India Day “Bharat Maata ki Jai” slogans resounded in India Day parade organized across various cities in USA by NRIs belonging to People For Loksatta(PFL), a vibrant political organization. Indians every year widely participate with patriotic fervor in these events. This year it also has revolutionary fervor demanding Jan Lokpal bill and supporting Anna Hazare. PFL along with IAC supporters participated in India day parade in different cities, Boston, Houston, Washington DC, Chicago, Edison (New Jersey), Bay area and Los Angeles. PFL is the organization that initiated Dandi march-II , a 240 mile walk in support of Anna Hazare in March 2011.

PFL demands a strong Lokpal bill with the provision of three tiers, Lokpal at central level, Lokayukta at state level and district level ombudsmen with powers to investigate any complaint on corruption. PFL notes that the current pace of development is not sustainable and is not equitable without systemic changes in governance of the nation and there are wide array of reforms needed for our country but we should start with strong Lokpal in the context day to day stories of scams.

Every city had its story, where in New Jersey the walk was conducted on oak tree rd. It was heavily down pouring rain, but 180 people gathered near the Saravana Bhavan restaurant wearing white T shirts, Gandhi caps and waving Indian flags. The parade got delayed due to rain but every participant was self motivated determined to raise their voice so that powers in Delhi can hear. No one ran for cover but instead stayed together in the heavy rain and demanded in one voice to introduce Jan Lokpal bill. The slogans were loud and clear, "We want Jan Lokpal", "I am Anna", " Anna we are With you". The march ended with National Anthem.Srinivas ranabothu from PFL organized this event.


In Houston volunteers of several organizations like IAC, PFL, 5th pillar and Bharat Swabhiman and NRIs participated in a gathering near Mahatma Gandhi statue. Raghava solipuram,from PFL, quoted that now there is one scam or another that starts with every alphabet in English. Sravanthi Yelamanchili and team from Chicago, Manasa Mahathi and team from Boston, Srihari Atluri and team from LA, Bhimesh Reddy and team from Bay area organized the events in their respective cities from PFL.PFL once again wishes Happy 65th Independence day for all Indians.

“Bharat Maata ki Jai” slogans resounded in India Day “Bharat Maata ki Jai” slogans resounded in India Day








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