BATA hosts Mangalampalli Balamurali Krishna's Concert

Bay Area Telugu Association (BATA) hosted Legendary Carnatic Music Vocalist Padma Sri, Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan Dr Mangalampalli Balamurali Krishna (BMK) at Hindu Temple, Sunnyvale, California on September 24, 2011. Dr Balamuralikrishna's passion for innovation in Carnatic music mesmerized the audience during the 3-hours concert. The venue was totally packed with audience and sponsors. Almost over 1000 people attended the concert. It was amazing to see the diverse groups in addition to Telugu language that have attended the concert in large number, and this shows that there is no language barrier for BMK's music. BATA was very pleased that they have hosted such a prestigious event that enthralled the multi-language audience. The concert was grand sponsored by and Gamakam Foundation. Other sponsors of the event include: Channel Real Estate & Mortgage, Ravi Tax Preparation Services, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Swagat Indian Cuisine, Precious Dental Care, Peacock Indian Cuisine, Scopus Consulting Group, Athidhi Indian Cuisine, Rootshell Enterprise Technologies, Virijallu, Telugu Times, and TV9.

Several Carnatic music lovers and the followers of BMK came to the venue 3 hours ahead of the start time so that they could capture the glimpses of BMK up on his arrival. Sunnyvale Temple priests and all audience welcomed BMK with a big procession from parking lot into the auditorium. BMK was accompanied by Mrudamgam artist Mr. Bhupati and Violin artist MR. B.U. Ganesh. Vijaya Aasuri (BATA Cultural Chair) introduced BMK and the team onto the stage grandly to begin the concert.

BMK sang his popular compositions such as Tillana, Pibare Rama Rasam, Emi Sethu Raa linga, Ye Naadhamu, Gam Gam Ganapathim, Varuha Varuha, Nee Dhaya Raadha, Kamala Dhalaayatha, Sangeethamae, Nee Saati Neevae, etc. The audiences were really thrilled and thoroughly enjoyed the feast of his songs and music, and responded with claps and standing ovation. As BMK continued to sing one after another song with different ragas, the audiences including the small kids have attentively listened to him throughout the concert. During the concert, audience could feel the vibrations of spiritual divine from his music. For some of his ragas, BMK kept the mrudamgam and violin artists in-check and entertaining. Mrudamgam and Violin artists responded to BMK's ragas nicely keeping the pace of concert exciting. Throughout the concert, audience could feel the relentless enthusiasm of BMK to promote Indian classical music with different ragas.

During the concert, BATA, TANA, Gamakam Foundation, and Kalalaya members grandly felicitated BMK. From TANA, Jayaram Komati, Sateesh Chilukuri, Veeru Vuppala, Hema Rao and Tulasi Tummala felicitated BMK with shaluva and flowers on the stage. Also, from BATA, Srinivas Kolli, Vijaya Aasuri and rest of the committee members and volunteers have felicitated BMK with flowers, shaluva, and recognition plaque. Gamakam Foundation founders Vijaya and Hari Cherukupally along with their students felicitated BMK on the stage. During the concert, BMK stated that he just arrived from India a day ago, but with the impressive response and support from audience he could perform the program with lot of excitement. He stated that he was pleased to be here and performing. He thanked BATA for organizing such a beautiful program. Speaking at this occasion, BATA President Srinivas Kolli thanked BMK for giving us an opportunity to host and be part of his concert. Srinivas Kolli also thanked all the volunteers and audience for making the concert a grand success. Ramesh Konda thanked and invited all the sponsors of the event onto the stage for recognition.

The BATA committee consists of Srinivas Kolli, Ramesh Konda, Kamesh Malla, Kalyan Kattamuri, Vijaya Aasuri, Sirisha Battula, Yaswanth Kudaravalli, and Jyotsna Bendapudi. Several other BATA volunteers such as Prasad Mangina, Sridevi Pasupuleti, Srilu Veligeti, Karun Veligeti, Ravi Thiruveedhula, Veeru Vuppala, Srikar, Kondal, Sumanth, Hari, Shiva, Deepthi, Durga, Rathna, Swathi, etc. have worked hard to make the arrangements and the concert successful. E-mail:

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