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  • Hilarious Teacher Student Jokes

    Hilarious Teacher Student Jokes

    Funny Teacher Jokes, Teacher Student Jokes, Teacher Student School Jokes, Hilarious Teacher Jokes:Teacher Student School Jokes in English are funny jokes about teachers, silly student questions in classrooms.

    Teacher: OXFORD matlab kya hai?

    Student: OX matlab bail, FORD matlab Gaadi. to OXFORD matlab bail gaadi


    Teacher : What is the difference between a man and a woman ?

    Student : Man has a sense of humor whereas woman has a sense of rumor...!!!


    Teacher :What happened in 1809?

    Student: Abraham Lincoln was born.

    Teacher :What happened in 1819?

    Student: Abraham Lincoln was ten years old.


    Teacher: Sir, why doctors wear a mask when they do an operation?

    Student: For safety. If the patient dies, others can’t find out who did the operation.

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