Wife to Husband

Wife to Husband

Wife : "Come Help Me in Garden.."

Husband: "Wat do U think I am? A Gardener??"

Wife: "Come Fix the Toilet Faucet..!"

Husband:What do U Think I am? A Plumber??"

Wife: "Come fix the Door Handle.."

Husband: What do U Think I am? A Carpenter??

The Husband Went Out but When He came Back. He Saw that Everything was Fixed..! The Garden, Toilet Faucet & the Door Handle.! He Asked his Wife.

Husband : Who did It??

Wife : "Its the Neighbor's Pintu's Father, But He gave Me to Options...Either to Make Him a Burger; Or have A Kiss With Him..!"

Husband: I'm Sure, U gave Him a Burger..!

Wife: "What do U Think I am? 'Mc'Donalds'!