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Racist Indian Jokes

Racist Indian Jokes

India was also in the race for sending a space – ship to the moon. A person was required to man the ship. As it involved great risk, No one was coming forward to volunteer. Advertisements were inserted in all leading newspapers. With all the publicity, only three persons showed their willingness. They were called for interview before a three member board.

The Marathi candidate said “Give me one lakh cash, so that I make provision for my family which I was not able to do during my life time”.

The Marwari candidate said, “I am Prepared to go in the Indian space ship only if I am paid Rs. 2 Lakhs. I will give one laksh to the family and one lakh for me in case I return back alive.”

The third, a Sindhi candidate, said, “I will charge not less than 3 lakhs.”
The Board members asked, “Why do you want such a high price?”

The candidate replied, “One lakh I will distribute amongst you Board members, one lakh I will give to the gentleman who is willing to go for Rs. One laksh, and the remaining one lakh will be my profit.”