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Hilarious Funny One Liner Jokes

Hilarious Funny One Liner Jokes


* A log in the forest bragged, " Wow, I slept like a human last night ".

* Some people have no respect for age unless it's bottled.

* On the keyboard of life, always keep one finger near the escape key.

* The old woman who lived in a shoe now has a lot of descendants who are living on a shoe string.

* A sophisticated friend claims that nothing can replace the modern swimsuit and it practically has.

* You can't judge the modern girl by her clothes. There is not enough evidence.

* On a watch and clock repair shop: if it does not tick tock to us.

* Outside a permanently sealed nuclear reactor: Gone fission.

* Sometimes when two's company, three is the result.

* On an obstetrician's visiting card: We deliver !