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Latest Funny Jokes 2013

Latest Funny Jokes 2013


In a closed circle of friends (middle aged group) someone mentioned about the secret of financial prosperity of a smelly country like Japan.

The secret is that there is cottage industry in every home something or the other is being produced in every home. That makes the country rich.


Was Papa the first man who ever proposed to you, Mama?”

“Yes; but why do you ask?”

“I was just thinking that you might have done better if you had shopped around a little more.”


The mother of a large family lined up her children.

“Now, the one who obeys me the quickest and does exactly as he’s told without arguing will get a rupee at the end of the week”.

“It ‘s not fair,” said the youngest after some thought.

“Daddy’ I win easily”


I challenged my friend that if he is able to eat one hundred Gulabjamuns. I were ordered and the friend ate all the hundred, and got a hundred rupee note also. I asked, “Well, it is good, that you have won the bet, but I cannot understand why you asked for an hour’s time. He replied, “I had gone home to do rehearsal whether I can eat that number”