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Ten Things Guys Like About Girls

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Ten Things Guys Like About Girls
The way they smile.
How they always smell so good.
How they laugh.
The way they take so long to get ready.
The way they dress.
How they put their make up on.
The way they say,"I love you."
How their little hands fit perfectly in the guys hands.
How guys can put their arms all the way around her waist.
Their sweet personality.

Ten Things Girls Like About Guys
The way they try to act so tough.
How they write girls letters.
The way they smell.
How they feel so safe in their arms.
When they aren't afraid to admit things.
The way they say,"I love you.'
The way they go shoping with you.
When they call you to make you feel better.
When they bring you something when your feeling down.
How they always seem to want to love you.