Priyamaina Neeku
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Genres: Love
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Added On: 2012-04-26
Priyamaina Neeku

Ganesh (Tarun) is a carefree college youth whose life revolves around friends and doing good deeds for them and upsetting his father (Bharani). One day he fumbles upon a Red diary in his father's auction shop. It is a dairy left behind unknowingly by Sandhya (Sneha).
Sandhya is staying in the house opposite to that of Aishwarya (Jhansi), who is the sister of Ganesh. She falls in love with Ganesh after listening to his melodious guitar play. But Ganesh is unaware of her love and he never uses to interact with her. She is also a shy girl, who never let Ganesh know about her feelings. Sirisha (Preethi) is the younger sister of Sandhya, who is studying in a hostel. When she comes home for holidays, she gets jealous of Sandhya for loving Ganesh and she wanted to grab him from her. Sirishna assures Sandhya that she will liaison the love of Sandhya between Ganesh and Sandhya and plays a double game by playing tricks on Ganesh to attract him. Meantime, the father of Sandhya and Sirisha gets transferred to Vizag. Sandhya asks Sirisha to tell Sandhya's love to Ganesh. Sirishna proposes to Ganesh and gets rejected.

Stra Cast: Tarun, Sneha, Preethi, Sivaji, Venu Madhav, Ali

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