Love In London
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Added On: 2014-12-06
Love In London

Love In London Full Length Movie Description : Vijay is a business man who always listens to his brain, on the other hand Pavithra, the daughter of a famous businessman CS Arvind, is a girl who always listens to her heart. Vijay was asked to marry Pavitra by her dad and Pavitra is testing whether Vijay is the right guy for her. After spending a day with Pavitra, Vijay hits Merin, a nurse who has just arrived from India to work in London, while driving back home. Her wrist gets paralysed after the accident. Vijay takes care of her and eventually falls in love with Merin and vice versa. Pavitra's dad and Prabhakar fix Vijay's and Pavitra's marriage. But when he refuses to marry her, Prabhakar forces him to get married to Pavitra because of her wealth. Merin's job agreement gets terminated because they think that she is physically unfit. Prabhakar tries to help her but he fails.Eventually, Prabhakar forces Vijay to not give her false hopes and gift her a sum of money and let her go back to India. Merin refuses the amount of money gifted and asks him to show her around London before she leaves. Then Merin goes back to India. The next day, Gracy aunty calls Vijay to tell that Merin hasn't reached home yet. Gracy Aunty's husband tells them that he will go to India to enquire about Merin but Vijay says that he will go because he is the one who is supposed to go. Pavitra's dad try to force him to stay, but Vijay says that he really likes Merin and he will go to India, no matter what. Pavitra helps him to go to India by convincing her dad to not stop him and personally drops him to the airport.Then the story tells us about what happened when he got to India and how they got back together.

Movie : Love In London
Banner : SCS Entertainments
Star Cast : Prithviraj Sukumaran, Nanditha Raj, Andrea Jeremiah, Mukesh, Pratap Pothen, Sunil Sukhada, Lena Abhilash, Amritha Anil, Prem Prakash, Devi Krupa
Director of Cinematography : Jithu Damodar
Editor : P. Rama Rao
Dialogues : Uyuru Uma Maheswara Rao
Lyrics : Vijay Kumar, Poornachari, Vijay Sharma
Music : Rahul Raj, Sreevalsan J Menon
Background Score : Gopi Sundar
Choreography : Prasanna
Thrills : Peter Pedrero
Dubbing Artists : Sundeep, Kalyani, Mahathi, Yajna
Publicity Designer : Ajay
Costumes : Apshel Mohamad
Makeup : Rajeev
P.R.O : Pawan
Production Executive : Vikram Ramana
Art : M. Bhavaa
Associate Director : Srinadh Reddy
Assistant Director : M.S. Karunakar, B. Subhan
Story - Screenplay : Jinu Abraham
Producer : Sunkesula Raja Babu
Director : Anil C. Menon
Release : 31st October 2014

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