Avunanna Kadanna
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Genres: Love
Partner rating: U
Added On: 2011-09-16
Avunanna Kadanna

Description - Mangaraju (Pilla Prasad) is the dreaded landlord of Lanka. He forcibly grabs the lands and farms of farmers in Lanka. In the process, he grabs the land of Ravi's father. Ravi (Uday Kiran) grows up in a nearby village. After growing up, he returns to Lanka to claim his land. He gives dappu performance on the birthday of Mangaraju and impresses him. When Mangaraju asks him what gift he wants, Ravi asks for his rightful land that was grabbed by him 20 years ago. Mangaraju in trying to keep his word, gives back 5 acres of land. Ravi starts ploughing this land. He also falls in love with a village belle Aravinda (Sadaf). And incidentally Aravinda happens to be the grand daughter of Mangaraju. Mangaraju who disapproves of this love, separates them. The entire second half is all about how Ravi and Aravinda reunite to get married.

Star Cast - Uday Kiran, Sada

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