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Genres: Action
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Added On: 2011-01-06

A mass film need not necessarily be one without a story or substance. But many filmmakers in their hurry to pack the movie with formulaic ingredients ,generally forget the thing called a realistic story. In the event, what happens is a senseless mishmash of action and romance all in the name of entertainment.

Pandu seems a good example of that. The film has every facet of filmmaking sans a good story. And that in the end proves a major handicap.

The story is about the eponymous hero Pandu (Jagapathy Babu) and his love with TV show anchor Anjali (Sneha).Trouble comes in the form of a rogue politician who has a covetous eye on Anjali. When she rebuffs him, she is jailed on a foisted charge. So steps in Pandu to help her and bring the nefararious activities of the politician out in the open.

Star Cast - Jagapati Babu, Sneha, Madhu Sharma, Sayaji Shinde, Venu Madhav,

Director - Devi Prasad,
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