Nenu Saitham
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Genres: Action
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Added On: 2011-01-05
Nenu Saitham
Nenu Saitham

An unemployed youth is frustrated with the corruption and injustice going around him. He dreams of creating an ideal society by removing the evil elements, if he was given a gun. Well, he is given a gun. What can he do?? This forms the base of the film Nenu Saitam.Subbana (Chandra Mohan) drags his living by renting out mike sets. Satyam (Ravi), son of Subbanna, is almost on the verge of being branded as a radical by the society. He lands up with a job as a gunman. He is posted as the security of the minister Veera Purushotham (Jayaprakash Reddy), who he hated the most. Somewhere in Ratnagiri, Geologist Ranganna (Madala Rangarao) predicts granite in the fields of Ratnagiri. Getting a hint of this, Purushotham tries to acquire the lands. Ranganna tries to stop it and in the process gets killed. Rajani (Gurlin Chopra) attempts to kill Purushotham. But as a security to the minister, Satyam shoots at Rajani. The movie takes several twists from there before coming to an end.

Star Cast - Madala Ravi, Sandhya, Chandra Mohan,

Director - Vandemataram Srinivas,
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