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Youth and Romantic Funny Jokes

Youth and Romantic Funny Jokes


Universal law of Love:

" Love can neither be created nor be destroyed; only it can transfer from One girlfriend to another girlfriend with some loss of money "


Boy: U song very beautifully,

Girl: Thanks but i'm just a Bathroom singer,

Boy: Den invite me 2 any of ur live concerts..!



Radha: Enti gopi alaa unnaavu ?

Gopi: Naaku chaalaa baadhagaa vundi Radha. Nannu ksheminchava please.

Radha: Deniki

Gopi: Naaku ee madhya baagaa matimarupu ekkuvagaa vundi.

Radha: Daaniki nenu ksheminchadam enduku?

Gopi: Adi kaadu raadha.raatri ninnu roomuki rammannaanu.nuvvu vastaanannava ? Ranannava..adi naaku gurtu ledu.

Radha: Raanu annate gurtu. Kaani adi neeto annanaa...srinuto annanaa...raajuto annanaa..adi maatram gurtu ledu.

Gopi: aa....

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