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Windows inspired by KCR

Windows inspired by KCR


Bill Gates announced that Microsoft plans to release a windows version in Telangana Language.

Here are some Windows related terms that are proposed to be used in the telangana version of kitkeel renduvelu (Windows2000):


Search = devulaadu

Save = bachainchu

Save as = gitla bachainchu

Save All = anni bachainch

Help = Nannu bachainch

Find = ethku

Find Again = malla ethku

Move = sarkainch

Zoom = peddagachei

Zoom Out = shinnagachei

Open = tervay

Close = mooi

New = kothadi

Old = pathadi

Replace = marcheyi

Insert = Nadimitla vettu

space = jaaga

Backspace = enka jaaga

Run = vurku

Print = acchu

Print Preview = choosi accheyi

Copy = gatlantidee

Cut = koi

Paste = atki

Delete = teesipadey

View = soodu

Tools = mutlu

Toolbar = mutla gottam

Exit = igavori

Compress = gunju

mouse = elka

click = vothu

Double Click = malla malla vothu

Forward = idkelli aadki

Scrollbar = thippudu gottam

Double Click with the left mouse button= elka chevvu voka mali eddam dikku malla malla vothale

This program has performed an illegal operation "Abort, Retry or Ignore" ? " ee karyam dongalekkaku vattindi , jaldi voorku lekunte malla kottu leka marshipo

ACCESS = dorkavattu

FOXPRO = nakkalekkal turumkhan

Lotus Notes = thamarpuv paisal

ACCESS DENIED = dorkavattaneeya

Home = Intiki vo end = konaaki Errors = nee notla mannu vada


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