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Jilledu Kayalu are a special festive sweet made of jaggery. How to make jilledu kayalu? What is the difference between Karjikayalu & Jilledu Kayalu? To know more watch the video. Ingredients: Peanuts or pallilu Sesame seeds or Nuvvulu Grated Coconut or Yendi Kobbari podi Jaggery or Bellam Salt or Uppu Ghee Elachi Rice Flour or BeyyaPindi   Recipe in English: Heat a pan – fry peanuts separately. After they get roasted remove them in a bowl. After they cool powder them. In the same pan add sesame seeds. After they start popping remove them in a bowl. After they cool powder them. In the same pan – in you are taking fresh grated coconut – fry them till they turn golden brown and remove them separately (In case you are using dry coconut no need to roast it) In the pan take 1 cups water, salt, 1 spoon ghee and let the water boil. After it boils add a cup of rice flour ( 1 cup water = 1 cup rice flour is the proportion). Wait till the mixture cools. In a plate take the powdered peanut, powdered sesame seeds, coconut, elachi and mix well. To this add powdered jaggery and mix well. Now take the rice flour make it flat and add the stuffing and jilledu kayalu are ready. (To know the exact procedure – watch our videos) Now steam them in the idli cooker and serve hot. How To Make Panasa Buttalu - https://youtu.be/S3KZzIr9vA4 How to Make Undrallu (Kudumulu)  -  https://youtu.be/OhSnX71mJ9Q How To Make Chakkra Pongali - https://youtu.be/_YHdbY-rVbE How To Make Bobbatlu - https://youtu.be/Rne9kMxaS1I How To Make Bellam Appalu - https://youtu.be/2IuREuHlXOA

How To Make Panasa Pottu Kura | Telugu Jackfruit Recipe Videos | TeluguOne Food

Panasapottu Kura Or Jackfruit Curry Is A Popular South Indian Dish. It Is High In Fibre And Low In Fat. You Can Use It As An Alternative To Meat In Many Dishes Because Of Its Texture. For Beginners, Prepping The Jackfruit Is A Difficult Task. But By Using Proper Technique And Tools, You Can Easily Prepare It For Cooking. Remember To Apply Oil On Your Hands And Knife Before Slicing The Jack. Watch The Jackfruit Special Recipe Panapottu Kura Making. పనస పొట్టు కూర తయారు చేసుకొనే విధానం     Pour 1/2 litre water in a pan & boil it     Add 2 tsp oil & turmeric powder in it     Add chopped panasapottu & mix it thoroughly     Keep the stove in medium & cover the pan with lid     After 5 minutes open the lid & mix it thoroughly     Again cover the pan with lid & sim the stove     Again after 5 minutes, mix the item thoroughly & switch off the stove     Let the curry warm     Now once the curry is warm, separate or filter water from the curry     Let it dry for 5 minutes     Take another pan & add oil in it     Add bengal gram, black gram, mustard, red chili pieces & fry it till golden brown color is seen     Add green chili pieces, curry leaves, hing & fry it till green chili becomes soft     Add tamarind pulp & mix it thoroughly     Now add the dry curry, salt & mix it thoroughly     Cover the pan with lid & leave it for 5 minutes     Remove the lid after 5 minutes & mix it thoroughly again     Spread mustard powder & chopped coriander leaves in it & mix it completely     Switch off the stove & cover the pan with lid for 5 minutes     Traditional and tasty Aava pettina Panasapottu kura is ready to serve.

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There might me hardly anyone who does not like Eggplant or Baingan. So here’s a yummy eggplant recipe for you. Detailed Recipe and ingredients detailed below Ingredients Eggplant (Vankaya)     - 1 big Curry Leaves                 - a few Kothmir                         - 1 spoon Oil                                      - 2 spoon Jaggery                           - To Taste Hinguva                          - ½ spoon Tamarind Pulp              - 1 cup (to taste) Tempering                     - 1 spoons Salt                                  - To Taste   Method in English Roast Eggplant in low flam till it cooks well. After it cools a bit, remove the peel and mash eggplant slightly. Take the mashed eggplant in a bowl and mix it with tamarind pulp, salt, kothmir, jaggery and keep it aside. Take 2 spoons of oil in pan and after it heats add tempering seeds. Later add hinguva and curry leaves. Saute for few mins and add tempering into the bowl And yes the tangy eggplant is ready to be served. How to Make Anapakaya Telagapindi Curry - https://youtu.be/3Mo3vIVpQxE సాంబార్ పొడి తయారీ విధానం - https://youtu.be/47rnl32Hg6A ఆనపకాయ పెసరపప్పుతో కూటు - https://youtu.be/caak9Ghsa38 పెసరట్లతో కూర తయారు చేయడం ఎలా.. - https://youtu.be/SauQSGoopx4