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Movie:palasa 1978
Banner:Bikram Krishna Films
Released On:Mar 6, 2020

Cast: Rakshith, Nakshatra, Raghu Kunche and others
Music Director: Raghu Kunche
Editor: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Cinematpgrapher: Arul
Producer: Atluri Varaprasad
Director: Karuna Kumar


From Sukumar to Maruthi, almost all the directors have praised the movie Palasa 1978. It is a movie which is similar to Asura the producer, director & artists have revealed. So how is the movie, let us read the review.



Someone cuts the head of a person contesting for the MLA election in Palasa. Everyone suspects that Mohanarao (Rakshit) is the one who has done this. Even though it was declared that he died in a police encounter, was he alive? A person who was the voice of Palasa, how did he turn into gangster? Answer to all these questions form the movie Palasa 1978.

Analysis :

Nothing is new in the story of the movie Palasa 1978, but the way this story is driven is amazing. We have seen similar kind of story in the movie Rangastalam where the upper class merely use the underpriviledged politically. How do politicians use the underpriviledged? The film is interesting as it has a very natural feel to it, along with a deep sense of humor. Those who are strong do not need caste for support.


Plus Points:

Palasa Background
Srikakulam Slang
Conversations written by Karuna Kumar
Raghu Kunche background music
Performance by the actors

Minus Points:

No novelty in the story
Very slow film
Certain scenes remind us about the movie Asura



As a lead role actor, it is Rakshit's second film. Attempting such an emotional character in the very second film is really worth praising. He did absolute justice to his role without disturbing the character. Raghu Kunche was too good in his role. His acting skills are worth appreciating. All the others did a decent job.

TeluguOne Perspective :

While there is nothing new in the story Palasa, it has shown a new direction to the same old story. The slang, the songs and the background music make this film different from rest of the film. The movie simply conveys a wonderful message that every human being should be respected irrespective of their caste & creed.