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Movie:Radhe Shyam
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Released On:Mar 11, 2022

Radhe Shyam Review: Astrology and palmist take turns to torcher Audience

Europe, 1976. Vikramaditya (Prabhas), a well-known palmist, relocates to Italy after informing the Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi that she would declare a state of emergency in India. He believes that astrology is a science that is completely accurate. On the other hand, his guru, Paramahamsa (Krishnam Raju), believes that astrology can only anticipate up to 99 percent of the time. According to Paramahamsa, the remaining 1% of people dictate their fate and make history, which Vikramaditya disagrees with.

Vikramaditya encounters Prerana on a train and quickly falls in love with her. She is a doctor who works at a health centre in Rome and is afflicted with a potentially fatal condition. Vikramaditya predicts that she will live for 100 years after seeing her palm. The next day, however, he chooses to leave her and relocate far away from her. Why? What is he concealing from her?

Analysis :

Radhe Shyam has got a simple yet intriguing storyline. A palmist who believes his prediction is inevitable has to question the same after he falls in love. In the war between love and destiny, he believes in destiny but takes the side of love.

Prabhas is introduced as a palmist, and Pooja Hegde as a doctor with only a few days to live. But when it comes to their true love storey, the writer and director have thrown up their hands. In the name of romance, we get to experience a slew of bad sequences.

A large episode of Prabhas rehearsing 'death' with yoga postures in a hospital bed occurs near the beginning of the film. This is an example of Radha Krishna Kumar's poor writing. This is only of the tip of an iceberg. We see more of these poorly written scenes in the name of romance. Except for the post-interval twist, the storyline of ill-fated lovers is boring.

By the interval, the primary point has been revealed, and the narration has slowed considerably. While Vikram Aditya's prediction power is firmly proven with words like "Einstein of Palmistry," Indira Gandhi's scene, and the train incident, the Jagapathi Babu episode is clearly predictable.

There are a few truly awful comic bits, such as death-yoga in the hospital and Jayaram's nosophobia scenes. It might have been preferable to avoid them entirely. Bhagyasree and Kunaal Roy Kapoor appeared to be guests at Prabhas' home rather than members of the family. The events and talks between them appear out of place.

The director relied only on grandeur to tell a story, leaving the film with only good visuals. The depth and intensity could not be felt from the love tale to the good-bye sequences, the hospital scenes to the ship-Tsunami scenes. The departure appears to be a scene-by-scene thing rather than a sensitive one. The ship episode and the Tsunami were much-hyped, yet they were contrived and uninteresting.

Other departments:
Justin composed songs and they are just terrific. Love stories, that too period stories shot on a large canvas with heart touching songs. Background score by SS Thaman is extraordinary it makes the scene more impactful. Ee Raathale video has impressed the audience.

The work of Manoj Paramahamsa the cinematographer and Raveendar are terrific. Those incredibly lavish sets and bringing the heaven on the screen their contribution is immeasurable.

Radhe Shyam has some positive news for people who were concerned about Prabhas' appearance based on real-life photos. On screen, the star is stunning. In fact, he appears better than in his previous outing and is more dashing on screen. It enhances the personality of palmist Vikramaditya. In Radhe Shyam, Prabhas does not need to put in a heavy performance.

At best, there are a few mildly emotional scenes that the performer handles well. He also manages to give the character a new attitude and zing. Pooja Hegde, on the other hand, appears to be a fish out of sea. She is portrayed as a classic beauty and looks wonderful on screen. However, when it comes to creating chemistry with the lead, she falls short. There is little chemistry between the leads, and she bears the majority of the blame. She performs her role as though she were in any other commercial. It doesn't work in this case.

Senior heroine-turned-character artiste Bhagyashree appears as hero’s mother. Radhe shyam has a good support cast like Krishnam Raju, Jagapati Babu, Sachin Khedekar, Murali Sharma, Kunal Roy Kapur, Jayaram, Priyadarshi and others, but have limited scope. In short, we can say Radhe Shyam has been entirely driven forward by Prabhas.

TeluguOne Perspective :

Director Chandrasekhar Yeleti wrote the storyline of Radhe Shyam eighteen years back and now the director Radha Krishna added his idea of climax for it. 

'Radhe Shyam' is a hollow narrative with a bad plot. Despite spectacular vistas and lavish production design, the film fails miserably. Throughout, there are a slew of dull moments. Another example of how no amount of money spent on visual effects can compensate for a poorly written narrative. 'Radhe Shyam' is a complete bore.