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Released On:Mar 11, 2022

Vishnu has been trained to be an athlete since he was a child. Just as the boy appears to be ready to take on the greater stage, he loses his leg and, worse, his father in a devastating traffic accident. Despite his personal sorrow, his love interest Mithra announces her wish to marry him, and despite his inhibitions, the two marry. Vishnu has settled into a routine employment and has failed to overcome the incident that cost him his career. When he meets Bagyalakshmi, a young girl from Khammam whose sporty interests are not encouraged by her family, he takes her under his wing and achieves his long-cherished goal through her eyes.

Analysis :

Clap, Aadhi Pinisetty's latest sports drama, shows that you may achieve your goals even if you don't put yourself in the spotlight. Clap, Prithivi Adithya's directorial debut, is a fine sports drama that is unambiguous in its aim and sets out to achieve what it strives to without ado. The film is more than just the narrative of a small-town girl accomplishing her goals on a larger stage; it is also the journey of an athlete-turned-coach who rediscovers his life's purpose after a series of professional/personal disappointments.

The director wastes no time in demonstrating that Vishnu has no future in athletics after losing his leg in an accident. The plot involves his worries and frustrations as he goes about his government job passionlessly, and how this toxicity invariably impacts his relationship with his wife Mithra. When Vishnu sees Bagyalakshmi, a young athlete and underdog in need of assistance, he is completely selfless in standing by her side at all times. Bagyalakshmi, in fact, reminds Vishnu of his former self, and the latter provides her with all the professional and psychological assistance she need.

It's great to watch Aadhi Pinisetty commit to the part with such passion and zeal. He never takes your focus away from the tale and still manages to win your heart with his elegant, controlled screen presence. Krisha Kurup's body language and small gestures reveal a lot more than her words in the film. Aakanksha Singh, who plays Mithra, a sportswoman who really empathises with her husband's suffering but never over-expresses her concern, performs her role with assurance. Brahmaji and Munishkanth make the most of their brief appearances. Prakash Raj's screen presence is small, but effective.

Except for the unimpressive initial number, Ilaiyaraaja's songs and music soundtrack seamlessly advance the narrative. Clap is a rare bilingual in which the filmmakers sincerely appreciate the viewers of both languages, and the near-perfect lip sync is a joy to witness. Clap's real surprise package, though, is its director. Prithivi has exceptional maturity in dealing with emotions in a mature manner and knowing what is required for the plot. He coaxes excellent performances from his cast.

TeluguOne Perspective :

Clap is everything you'd expect from a well-crafted sports drama: strong acting, interesting drama, and a well-executed script. While keeping in the mainstream, debutant Prithivi's storyline has a personal touch. Aadhi, Krisha Kurup, Nasser, and Aakanksha Singh perform admirably. An engrossing, sensible OTT watch!