TANA Supported in Sending the Body of Seshadri to India

After three days of strenuous job by Mohan Nannapaneni, TANA Executive Vice President, the Deputy Consul General Mr. Pramod Bajaj and TANA TEAM Square volunteers, the remains of Seshadri Rao Kanagala have been boarded on Air India flight to India today.  


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Seshadri Rao Kanagala, a master's student of Boston University was shot dead by unidentified person/(s) at the early hours of April 19th 2012, in Allston, Massachusetts. The shocked parents contacted the Indian consulate and TANA for assistance. Ever since TANA TEAM Square intensively involved and made all necessary arrangements to send Seshadri's body to India. Mohan Nannapaneni, coordinated with Boston University officials, Indian Consulate, Funeral Home and the City of Boston. The case is still under investigation and we do not know who and why they killed Seshadri as of now.  


Here are the flight details:

Air India Flight # 102 leaving, JFK airport New York at 3.10 PM (Delayed by 25 minutes) today (23/04/2012) and arrives Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi on 24/04/2012 at 3.00 PM India Time. Air India Flight number 473, departs New Delhi at 4.55 PM and arrives Bhubaneswar at 7.00 PM on 24/04/2012.  


The parents were thankful to TANA and the Indian Consulate for their efforts in sending their son's body to India.  Mr. Mohan Nannapaneni can be reached at this number 

Tel: (508)612-6676




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