Top Five Blunders by Congress High Command in AP

 While YSR was alive and heading the Congress party and the state government of AP, there was never a missed beat, or so it seemed. It was mostly due to YSR and his steely resolve, as much due to the lack of Congress High Command (HC)’s non-involvement in the state affairs. All that changed after Sep 02, 2009 with the most unfortunate death in the history of the state: of Dr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy, while on his way to the people, to try and reach the governmental programs to them more effectively. It was a hero’s death, no matter what a section of the press and what a small, vengeful community think.

The Congress HC and it’s so called think tank, headed by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi (who could not get the Congress party to win in either UP (85 MP seats) or Bihar (54 MP seats), with best of their efforts, but would readily and shamelessly take credit from Mamata and pander to Jayalalita once she won), Pranab Mukharjee, Ahmad Patel, Chidambaram, Veerappa Moily (who could neither win on their own without the support of their regional allies nor could get Congress party to form governments in any of the states they are from). In a nutshell, these are not people’s leaders, but only the so called intellectuals. These are the same people that would try and push their HC’s agenda through the throats of leaders that actually get elected on their own strength. But, if we look at all the political and other moves, most of them are boneheaded, where the decisions imposed by the Congress HC either destabilized a state or sometimes even the nation on the whole.

The Congress HC, one can argue is not very smart and intelligent and surely can be proved so. All we got to do is to look at the state of AP and the miserable position the party has found itself in and go the state that was progressing nicely for the past six years before YSR’s death. The top five major blunders by the Congress HC in the opinion of many are: The first of the blunders was to resist YS Jaganmohan Reddy’s candidature to the Chief Ministership of AP immediately after the death of YSR. Why and how could the Congress HC rule out the choice of an overwhelming majority of elected representatives (over 150 MLAs signed for YS Jagan) and people of AP (over 70% support in several surveys) to lead the state? The Congress HC should have at least sat with him and explained their vision to him. The so called intellectuals miscalculated the strength YSR and YSJ and now in such pathetic state that they lost deposit in the Kadapa MP seat while they are ruling the state, despite deputizing over 20 ministers, 70 MLAs, 10 MPs, and their new mascot, Chiranjeevi. The Congress government would not even resign despite losing by over 5 lakh majority and two of their own ministers losing miserably in the process. It’s a shame to the democracy and Congress HC.

They installed a hapless Rosayya and a clueless Kiran Kumar Reddy (KKR) as the CMs. Rosayya’a appointment of CM was illegal - without getting him elected as the leader of CLP and getting him sworn-in without the existing cabinet resigning en mass. One fails to understand how the Congress HC could pull this off, even AP High Court approving this. Even Nadendla Bhaskara Rao was elected as the leader of split away TDP party in his coup of 1984 before he was sworn-in as the CM. Is Sonia mafia the force behind all this lowering and suffocation of democratic values? This did not go down well with the masses at all.

The second such blunder was to push YS Jaganmohan Reddy out of the party by ridiculing YSR regime and the value of his contributions to the party in the formation of the governments at state and central level. The Congress HC got support from its figureheads that cannot garner enough support to win their own constituencies, let alone get other candidates elected, and the yellow media underplaying YSR. They all forgot one thing: the passion of the masses for YSR. YS Jagan made sure that he carried YSR legacy and started representing the passions of countless YSR followers across the globe. YS Jagan went a step ahead of YSR in the sense that he could attract most of the youth to be completely behind him by going head on with Sonia Gandhi and Congress HC. Of course, the rage people felt for Sonia Gandhi insulting of Vijayamma did not help Congress party. We could see it all in the Kadapa by-elections where all but one of the opponents would not win deposits. Had one candidate gotten 2000 less votes in Pulivendula, it could have been a complete victory for YSR and people who have faith in him and His power.

Where is the magic of Sonia, Rahul, Chiranjeevi, Chandrababu, and so called Congress HC? People’ power is the magic and they are behind YS Jagan. If we care to go back and read Eenadu, Andhra Jyothy and would follow the yellow news channels like TV9 analysis until after the by-elections, we would think Jagan and Vijayamma were losing big time. Such is the state of affairs at the yellow media HQ. They cannot go any lower or so we would think but, we would wake up tomorrow to see them lower again! For all these yellows ‘Satyameva Jayathe’! The third worst boneheaded move of Congress HC was to raise the Telangana issue through their spineless leaders VH, KK, Kaka, Yashki, and using KCR to counter YS Jagan and his popularity. Most people believe that Congress was behind KCR’s hunger strike.

TRS was resurrected at least twice by Congress party and the so called T Congress leaders, once in 2004 even though YSR vehemently opposed the alliance with TRS (YSR was vindicated with the amazing victories from Seemandhra and the election of many Congress rebel candidates against official TRS candidates in Telangana, and again after the death of YSR in September 2009. KCR was prodded by Congress HC and state government headed by Rosayya (for his selfish interest of continuation of his post by another couple of months) and we see the results of such prodding even today. The state has gone to the dogs, Hyderabad city completely ruined in terms of development and law & order suffering immensely. So, to reduce Jagan’s influence, the Congress HC would ruin a state and its capital? But, Congress party found itself in another miserable situation due to its crooked strategy.

The fourth of the worst moves of Congress HC is to align with TDP and yellow media to counter YS Jagan. Don’t they understand temporary and ad hoc relationships would not be meaningful in the long run? Why would TDP, Chandrababu, and yellow media be looking for the good of Congress party? They all want to destroy YS Jagan first and then want to share the spoils? It’s mightily impossible to destroy a people’s leader like YS Jagan, son of the passed away heart beat of Andhra Pradesh, YSR. Looking at the Kadapa by-elections and the crowds he is attracting everywhere he goes, one can come to a conclusion that YS Jagan is the mightiest of the mass leaders South has now, and can easily be among the top five politicians in India.

Congress HC, TDP and yellow media would be paying a very steep price in their schemes to harm Jagan. As per Chandrababu who termed CBI as Congress Bureau of Investigation, CBI is a sacred agency now. Yellow media reports tomorrow’s news today, with the inputs they get from state and central governments itself. KKR, with his obvious detest for YSR, cannot stand the sight of YS Jagan and his popularity. KKR knows that he would lose miserably by over 25000 votes when the next elections come. Same is the case of Anam brothers, Botsa, Lagadapati, Kavuri and other shallow politicians. Sonia Gandhi, her dreams of making her son the next Prime Minister fading fast, cannot come in terms with YSR’s and YS Jagan’s popularity. She and her false Prince do not even dare to visit the state for almost two years now, even though it’s their party government at power. Of course, we should not forget the self termed mad dogs like VH, Kaka, KK, Sankar Rao and Anams.

Finally, here is the worst of the bad moves by the Congress party, and their governments at state and central. They get one of their own ministers and a mad dog, in association and direction of Ramoji Rao and Chandrababu to move the High Court to order CBI Inquiry on YS Jagan and flow of investments in to his companies. When was the last time the whole CBI, the court system, governments and the opposition form a force to target a young politician? Never heard off. Chandrababu, Dramoji went from pillar to post and court to higher court to stall every investigation that was initiated against them and criticized the authorities.

The same people claim great respect for courts and authorities now. One important thing to be noted here is that the same CBI Laxminarayana, who would not discuss or address the missing (erased?) half hour of the blackbox conversation of fallen YSR chopper is given the in-charge for the case against YS Jagan. Any coincidence here? Sonia Gandhi does not talk about 2-G scam, and the part Robert Vodra, her son-in-law played in the scam. She does not have the stomach to talk about her family’s majority stake in DLF. There are countless other scandals that involve Sonia Gandhi but would not come out as the CBI is a puppet in the hands of Italian Sonia Mafia. There are investments in to Jagan’s companies by a few companies.

They might have been impressed with Jagan’s business acumen or they were hoping that YSR’s image would benefit these companies and grow big and in the process would get huge returns. As per the accounts available, they all made good on their investments. Jagan cannot un-claim himself not related to YSR. He is the son of that great leader. There are always incidents of sons and daughters of famous people get favors that we normal people would not. How else can anyone explain Rahul Gandhi to be considered for anything other than a regular clerical job, leave alone the Prime Minister, with his intellect? How else can anyone spend crores of rupees to make a movie on Balakrishna? How else can Nara Lokesh be the CEO of a channel, a supermarket chain and a dairy with his sub-100 IQ? The same thing can be said of George W Bush and countless others. It’s neither illegal, nor improper but part of the way the society works - past, present and future.

People like Sonia Gandhi, Robert Vodra, Ramoji Rao, Chandrababu, and other should be subjected to the same kind of investigations before Jagan can be. Even primer example would be our own Italian Edvige Antonia Albina Maino (Sonia Gandhi). And, who wants to explain her qualifications to head our country? People are watching and Kadapa by-elections proved it. The masses of the whole state would prove it when their time comes shortly. And, they sure will expose the nexus between Sonia controlled Congress HC mafia, Congress HC controlled CBI & Judiciary, Ramoji controlled media mafia and Chandrababu, and Chandrababu controlled AP Congress! Watch out!!

Gurava Reddy, Atlanta

NRI YSR Congress Party

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