NRIs Protest by “Self Arrest” on Arrest of Anna Hazare

August 15 2011,Several NRIs in USA and rest of the world celebrated the Independence day,but August 16 2011 Is the “Black Day” in the Democratic Indian history and It is the Foundation day for the “Second freedom movement” ,NRIs Expressed their anguish on arrest of Anna Hazare,the Modern Gandhi.

“People for Loksatta” ,A vibrant political organization,which organized “Dandi March-2” a 240 Miles walk in USA in support of anna hazares fast in March which also participated and Organized the 65 th Independence Day celebrations in USA in several cities and expressing its solidarity for anna hazares fast second time expressed its anguish that arrest of Anna hazare,Kiran bedi and other social activists is a black spot in Indian history where the democratic rights were killed .And it is shame on the nation that taking him to the “Tihar” jail is arresting the “Gandhism” and “Arresting the Democracy”

In support of anna hazare ,and arresting Anna hazare ,NRIs compared this incident as “Arresting Human rights” and “Arresting the democracy” NRIs in USA weared “Hand –cuffs” and self arrested themselves as a symbolic representation of arresting democracy .

People for loksatta members In California,Atlanta,Houston,Boston and several other places organized this protest and they repeated that they will continue these kind of protest in further days and will support Anna hazare till the Janlokpal bill is passed in the parliament for the betterment of country thru corruption free politics.People for Loksatta request Every Indian should be part of this second freedom movement.

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