7 To 4
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Genres: Mystery
Partner rating: U
Added On: 2016-07-20
7 To 4

Watch 7 To 4 Telugu Full Movie HD. Starring  Anand Bachu, Raaj Bala, Radhika, Loukya and others. " 7 To 4 " Movie is a Suspense Crime Thriller. This Film is Directed by Vijay Sekhar Sankranthi and Produced by Milk Movies. Music Composed by Snehalatha Murali.

7 to 4 showcases a team comprising of four youngsters and their variety punishments to those who resort to sexual assaults on women in Hyderabad during the nights. These four protagonists target suspects of sexual crimes and also those who are in police’s watch list. The story is about the team’s pursuit to nab these criminals and punish them between 7 in the evening to 4 in the morning.

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