Oorantha Sankranthi
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Genres: Family
Partner rating: U
Added On: 2012-01-12
Oorantha Sankranthi

Description - It's a classic family entertainer.Nageswara Rao & Krishna are the sons of Satya Narayana who is president to a village. Rao gopal Rao is brother-in-law to satyanarayana.ANR paired up with Jayasudha & Krishna Paired up with sri devi who is the daughter of Rao gopal Rao. Rao gopal Rao becomes president with support of Satya Narayana.He want to dominate
Satya Narayana's family.Then the rest of the story runs around the things happened between these two families.

Star Cast - ANR, Krishna, Jaya Sudha, Sridevi

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