Bhaktha Kannappa
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Genres: Family
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Added On: 2012-02-18
Bhaktha Kannappa

Description - Arjuna (Krishnam Raju) is reborn as Thinnadu, an atheist, in his next birth. Thinnadu is brought up by a tribal lord (M. Prabhakar Reddy) whose daughter Neela (Vanisree) loves Thinna. But Mallanna (Sridhar) also loves her. Thinna wins Mallanna in the duel fight and wins Neela. But, being an atheist, he disagrees to bow in front of the village goddess and takes Neela and leaves the village. How Thinna became a devotee of Lord Siva, and what happens next is interesting and forms the rest of the story.

Star Cast - Krishnam Raju, Vani Sree, Rao Gopala Rao

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