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Genres: Drama
Partner rating: U
Added On: 2011-07-16

Description - Nanda Gopal is a goodie-goodie guy, married to a lovable wife and also has a kid whom they adopt from an orphanage. He is an employee of a Mumbai-based corporate firm and he writes a paper on developing the finances of the corporate sector. His only wish in life is to show this work of his to the company's managing director, Meghana (Bhoomika). Meghana happens to visit the Hyderabad branch of her company, where the protagonist works. In the process to impress his boss, he loses his job. Meghana tricks him into her clever talk and even before he realizes, Nanda Gopal is in a huge mess. To unravel the mystery as to what happens next in the life of this poor man, watch the movie "Missamma". Missamma has won the most prestigious Nandi Award the Best Film category for the year 2003.

Starring - Sivaji, Laya, Bhoomika

Direction - Neelakanta

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