Donga Ramudu & Party
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Genres: Comedy
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Added On: 2013-02-15
Donga Ramudu & Party
Rama Krishna (Srikanth) is a petty thief with his 4-member team that also includes a lady (Bhuvaneswari). He falls in love with a journalist Vasantha Lakshmi (Laya). Then there is a village in Konaseema called Kotayya-vari-palem. There used to be an illustrious gentleman called Kotaiah on whom the village is named after. His only daughter eloped with a guy she loved. Koataiah died later by writing a will that all his property should be passed on to the offspring of his daughter. He gave the responsibility of finding out the heir to a loyal man Somayajulu (Jaya Prakash Reddy). Vasantha Lakshmi is sent on to investigate more about that village by the editor. Rama Krishna, who is running away from the impending police plans to pretend as the grandson of Kotaiah and enters Kotayya-vari-palem. The rest of the story revolves on the point of Rama Krishna duping the village men and then reforming himself into a good human being with the help of Vasantha Lakshmi.
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