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Netted poolajada Types

Pellipoolajada is the traditional floral hair style of Telugu brides which every bride dreams of wearing on her wedding day.

Netted Poolajada:
Changing trends and modernity have influenced every part of human life, their interests and provided them with ample opportunities to experiment with. One such is the evolution of Netted pellipoolajada concept that has been an instant hit with ever growing popularity from Brides

Present day brides these day dont prefer heavy poolajadalu and love to wear simple Netted Jada.

Net Jada is made from Bombay Jasmine which has long stem compared to normal jasmine and woven into intricate patterns. Beauty of Net is the transparent patches between each flower, so that jada is seen behind the net portion
Types of Net jada:

1. Simple Net jada (Netted pattern of flowers with jada seen between flower gaps)

2. Net with Pearls embedded  (Netted pattern of flowers with pearls seen between flower gaps)

3. Net jada on rolled jasmine  (Netted pattern of flowers with jasmine flowers seen between flower gaps)

4. Net jada on rolled rosepetals ( (Netted pattern of flowers with rose flowers seen between flower gaps)





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