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Movie:Aadavallu Meeku Joharlu
Banner:Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Cinemas
Released On:Mar 4, 2022

It has been a long time since we have seen a family entertainer. Hence, “Aadavallu Meeku Johaarlu” has become a talking point, as the trailer and promos ticked all points. The film has generated a lot of buzz and a positive feel.

Let’s find out if it succeeds in meeting the expectations.

Story :- Chiranjeevi (Sharwanand) is a bachelor searching for his perfect match. His family rejects a lot of alliances and search for a bride continues, until Aadhya (Rashmika) enters the scene. However, Vakula (Khushboo), Aadhya’s mother, resists her daughter’s marriage to Chiru because it goes against what she believes as marriage to be – male dominance over females! What will it take to bring Vakula and the others around? What plans are hatched for the couple to unite? – is the rest of the story! 

Analysis :

Aadavallu meeku Joharlu is primarily aimed at family audience. Except for Sharwanand, the other lead characters in this movie are all female characters. Renowned cast such as Radhika, Khushboo are roped in for the important roles. Sharwa and Rashmika’s styling is good. Especially, Rashmika looked gorgeous in traditional wear. The predictable plot begins as Chiranjeevi (Sharwanand) is shown as a lovable boy in a joint family with the entire family in search for the perfect bride. Chiranjeevi finds Aadhya (Rashmika), but her mother (Khushboo) is reluctant to let her daughter marry. First half of the film has less substance and is filled with template scenes. Comedy worked out only in a couple of scenes. Two songs ‘Enni Enni maataladukunna’ and ‘Oh My Aadhya’ are good.

Second half focuses on Chiranjeevi’s family’s struggle as they try to appease the entrepreneur Vakula (Khushboo). On a positive note, there are some meaningful conversations, couple of comedy scenes that worked well. The situations will connect well the lady and family audience to an extent. However, on the flip side, the writing lacks depth and has no engaging conflict point. Family backdrop on both sides looks cinematic. Production values by Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara creations are excellent. Producer Sudhakar Cherukuri has spent lavishly on the technicians, cast and production. Devisri Prasad’s music is adequate, could’ve been better. Director Kishore Tirumala has done a mediocre job – a couple of arresting emotional scenes and good climax are mandatory for these types of stories. But the director has failed at that. The team should be appreciated for keeping this movie clean from present-day perversion scenes in the name of love. 

Sharwananad aka Chiru looks cool and energetic essaying a lively character. He is a lovely boy born and bought up in a joint family while Rashmika essayed a classy role who is all independent and has much influence of her mother. They carried the movie with all perfect comedy timing and melodrama adding a scoop of love and romance. Coming to the veteran actresses Radhika, Urvashi and Khushboo proved their mettle and filled the screen with their ace performances.

TeluguOne Perspective :

All in all, despite the feel-good appeal and vibe of the family entertainer, “Aadavallu Meeku Joharlu” doesn’t get it right. After the initial entertaining portion, it gets loaded with heavy sentiments to bear. The family drama turns predictable and drags on and on. 

The writer-director Kishore delivered a lack-luster, a predictable story with a few good dialogues sprinkled. Rashmika looks great, rest of the cast does not have much scope to perform. Overall, this film could have been better.