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"Aroma of Andhra coffee progressed to Swiss"

Beating several MNCs in the race, tribal farmers of the district reached the final round of selections for 'Flavour of India - Fine Cup Award - 2006', organized by the Indian Coffee Board.

A total of 199 samples from all over India were qualified for the second round that included coffee samples from plantations, owned by the Tatas, Birlas and Nestle. Out of 10 coffee samples sent from th e State for the competition including five of the coffee growers of G K Veedhi and Chintapalli mandal, three have been selected for the second round.

40 samples out of 199 samples were qualified for the third and the final round that will be held in Switzerland on May 17. Out of qualified 40 Indian coffee samples two from A.P. were advanced for the participation in Third round. Principal Secretary of Tribal Coffee Welfare, M Chhaya Ratan, has provided the funds for the farmers to pay the entry fee to the Fine Cup Award.

Two rounds of domestic competition were conducted at Bangalore on the basis of different parameters. Ranks were given based on the marks obtained in each round.

The farmers are members of Grama Devata Mahila Sangham of Vasuvada village in G K Veedi and Jhansi Mahila Sangham of Chintapalli. Their samples will be displayed at Bern in Switzerland at the Conference and Exhibition of Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) next month, according to S Mushtaq, deputy director of Coffee Board extension office, Vizag.

Mushtaq said special efforts were made to educate tribal coffee growers in producing quality parchment coffee of international standards.

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