Sri Ranga Ramanuja Swami visits USA

His Holiness Sri Tridandi Sriranga Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji is gracing the land of USA with a visit for 45 days from 17th September to 31st October, 2011. Sri Swamiji's discourses using multi media technology are widely acclaimed for the excellence in presenting the Vedanta concepts in simple and scientific terms.

Sri Swamiji in His previous visits to USA, has also blessed devotees with Sri Lakshmi Havanam, Sri Lakshmi-Narayana Kalyanam, Veda Pathanam and Stotra Parayanam, individually in their houses and also in groups at temples.

For this year's trip, Sri Swamiji has chosen to propagate the greatness of Sri Ramayana to all the deovtees. It is said that every syllable of Ramayana is powerful enough to remove greatest of all our sins. Lord Sri Rama's name will not only remove our evils, but also purify our thoughts and empower our actions. Sri Ramayana is a great mantra in itself. Certain sargas of Ramayana, if recited in a prescribed way, will remove obstacles in personal life, eliminate Graha doshas and fulfil our desires. Those who have attended the Sri Rama Maha Krathu performed by Sri Swamiji few years back, have personally witnessed such changes in their lives. Lord Sri Rama himself recommended that listening to Sri Ramayana will bring prosperity without any doubt.

For those who would like to have Sri Ramayana recital guided by Sri Swamiji, or would like to have havanam with the Sri Rama mantra in their house, or would like to learn recitation and listen to the beauty of Sundara Kanda in a group or gathering, Sri Swamiji's trip this year is an excellent opportunity.

If the devotees would like to pacify the planetary impediments (Graha Dosha nivarana/santi), they can email their birth details (viz., date, time and place of birth) to the coordinator for USA program. Their horoscopes will be prepared and studied by astrology experts in India and results are conveyed back to Sri Swamiji. Sri Swamiji will suggest remedial measures prescribed in Sri Ramayana for removal of any evil effects. It is a personal experience of many devotees that the results are clearly visible and immediate, if the prescribed methods are followed with utmost faith and devotion in Lord Sri Rama and Sri Swamiji.

Please send your requests for Sri Ramayana havanam, recital, sundara kanda pravachanam, graha dosha nivarana methods etc. in your house or at a public gathering, to Smt Lakshmi garu - coordinator for the USA trip at

Sri Lakshmi Havanam, Veda Pathanam, Stotra Parayanam, multi-media presentations on Vedanta will also be taken up by Sri Swamiji depending on the needs of the devotees. Let us all pray Lord Sri Rama for strong recovery and growth in the economy under the guidance of Sri Swamiji.



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