Telugu Canada Association celebrated Summer Picnic and Cricket Tournment

Telugu Canada Association  celebrated  Summer Picnic and Cricket Tournment on August 20th 2011 at J.C Saddington Park, Mississauga, On, Canada. It was a perfect weather with Bright sun as well as little wind, which brought the mist from the lakefront. The picnic Area in the Central Park had lot of shaded area as well as sunny area. Approximately 350 Adults, kids, parents with toddlers, and elders have attended this event. Some of the participants brought chairs and blankets with them to the picnic and had a nice and Relaxing time under the trees and sun throughout the picnic time.


Telugu Canada Foundation Cricket Team worn the TCF Cup 2010 by 6 wickets by TANA warriors, Ramakrishna Nagabirava(15 Runs, Not out) and Anil Lingamaneni (36 Runs, Not out) make the team success to win the TCF Cup 2010. Tana Warriors Score is: 97(All out) all our and Telugu Canada Foundation is 99/4. The program commenced with Prayers and offerings. The prominent personalities of the Telugu Canada Association Dr. Surapaneni Ramakrishana Rao (President), Yalamanchili Kesarao, Nagabairava Ramakrisha,Timmeswararao,Venkaiah Vaggu. Anantha Mahendra ,Vijaya Pamidimukkala, Timmesawara rao,Siva Butchu, Bhargav,Aparna Nalam, Padma Kantamaneni, Bhaskar Varma,Praveena Seethapalli, and etc., were all in attendance and blessed the occasion, as well the evening's Sports was highlighted by local talents and Telugu Kids. TANA regional Repesentaive Anu Nimmagadda, TANA Science and Technology Chairman Ramesh Movva, Telugu Yuvatha State Secretary Anil Lingamaneni were all in attendance and blessed the occasion with their speeches. The event started around 10 AM, and went all day till 7:30 PM with a variety of Traditional Andhra food and a lot of exciting activities for kids, youth and adults. Folks around grill took it as a great opportunity for social conversation on current topics from movies, politics, to upcoming elections in Andhra Pradesh and CANADA.

Mrs. Padma Kantamaneni and Nimmagadda Bhagavathi took in-charge of lunch ensuring variety of Andhra food was served. Food included Pulihora, Biryani, Rice, Mango Dal, Sambar, Aloo Fry, Brinjal Fry, and Paayasam. Audience enjoyed the delicious food. One of the attractions of the food items this year was pakodi and alu bajjis were prepared on the spot in the picnic. Many of the women participants have joined this instantaneous cooking activity, and felt like they were home preparing the food for their family and guests. It was a very informal, and family like get together with a large number of participants compared to previous years.


Another attraction of the picnic was serving the traditional spicy Maramaralu mixture (Muntha Kindha Pappu). One could see the participants excitement and queue at these special attraction food as these are not routinely made at home. Also, there were people around the grill for barbequed chicken and grilled corn through out the day. There were many picnic activities through out the day that groups of participants were scattered around at the food as well as at other sports/entertainment activities.

After the Barbeque and delicious lunch, the adults and kids have participated in the games such as Volleyball, Kho-Kho, Musical chairs, Three-legged race, Lemon in spoon, Tug of war, Frisbee, and Pinata, etc. There were so many people interested in the games that people had to line up for their turn at each of the activity. It was really amazing to see the excitement and common interest among the folks at one gathering such as this. Amazingly one could not have walked-by without noticing the high number of audience cheering at each of these activities. Three-legged race was a fun event, which brought most of the attendees at one place to watch the women players coordinating with their partner participants in a running race to reach the target. In this game two players form a team in which one leg of each player is tied together to make it one. So, during the game each team had total three legs together.

To be successful, this game required a lot of teamwork and coordination between among the team. Another attractive game for all age groups was musical chairs. Each time a specific age group of players were introduced to the game. There were a lot of cheers from the audience for all age groups when players were trying to find the chairs at each round. Then the kho-kho game was organized in which several women players have actively took part. Each age group took their turn to participate and enjoy the game. Most attraction was paid to Tug-of-war game. In this game, at first go around, the kids have played during which some of the parents could not resist pulling the rope in support of their kids.well as this was informal, no one took a big notice of this but the audience knew which group was the stronger! Then came the Tug-of-war for ladies. One could notice competitive spirit among the participants and lot of cheering and encouragement and photo snaps from the audience and spouses and friends.

Finally, the Tug-of-war came down to men participants turn in which majority of the well-known people along with Dr. Surapaneni ( President),Anu Nimmagadda (TANA RVP),Ramesh Movva (TANA- Science and Technology Chairman), Anil Lingamaneni ( Andhra Pradesh Telugu desam party "Telugu Yuvatha Secretary"), participated. Several rounds of this game resulted in unbalanced team strength and the teams wanted rematch after rematch. There was so much excitement that each side ended up more than 25 players. It was a friendly and entertaining event that brought all levels of participants together. Several Games for Children were conducted and Dr. Surapaneni President of Telugu Canada foundation distributed several prizes at the end to all the winners and runners as well as some participants.

As a result of the resounding success of this programme and the high level of attendance the founders of the Association have agreed to extend Free Annual Membership to encourage telugu culture and heritage in Canada and to purchase an offices in Canada and Andhra Pradesh, India to serve the telugu community.


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