Roadshow at Bagan Datoh Branch

On 27th June 2010, the National Youths of Telugu Association of Malaysia have kicked off its Malaysian wide road show at the Sri Venkateswara Devasthanamu. The main aim of the road show is to explain to the Telugus all around Malaysia about the “An Evening with Prime Minister” event on 8th October 2010 as well as about the 6180 Telugu Code for the 2010 Malaysian Census which is going to be held soon. Bagan Datoh Branch was chosen as to host the first destination of the road show as this is the place where Telugu Association of Malaysia was born almost six decades ago.

The road show in Bagan Datoh Branch was started with offering of prayers to Sri Venkateswara Swami. Prayers were conducted by priest followed by a half an hour bhajan with the aim of getting swami’s blessings before kicking off the road show. Lunch was served after the prayers.

Soon after that, Sri Ramanaidu, Chairman of TAM Bagan Datoh Branch welcomed everyone through his welcoming speech followed by very energetic speech by Sri Venggataraman, Youth Leader of TAM Bagan Datoh Branch, Srimati Thanalechumy, Mahila Leader of TAM Bagan Datoh Branch and also Sri Venkat Ramanaidu, National Youth Chief of TAM. 

The road show was then launched by cutting off a banner and handing off banners to few branch chaimen and youth leaders. The launching ceremony was done by Sri Madhini Somunaidu, one of the founder member of TAM and Dr Achaiah Kumar Rao, President of TAM along with his CWC members.

After that, Sri GT Letchu, Deputy President of TAM who is also the organizing committee chairman for the “An Evening with Prime Minister” event explained to the huge crowd about the major event. There were also few speakers who spoke about how we can show the huge crowd for the major event and also reminded everyone about their responsibilities. All the speakers were past leaders of TAM. Sri Ramanaidu also announced that few members have come forward to sponsor busses to ferry Telugus to the event. Then, Dr Achaiah handed over some financial aid to the fire victims on behalf of TAM Bagan Datoh Branch.


Finally, the much anticipated speech from our energetic and dynamic President of TAM, Dr Achaiah Kumar Rao. He gave a very inspiring speech and reminded us of our responsibilities. Then, he handed over some financial aid to the fire victims on behalf of TAM Bagan Datoh Branch. The crowd was also entertained by songs and dance in between each speech. Our special thanks to Sri Ramachandra Rao, Sri Gavara Demudu and Khir Johari secondary school students for entertaining the crowd.


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