Honorable Prime Minister’s Visit to Bagan Datoh Parliament Constituency

The Honorable Prime Minister of Malaysia, YAB Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib bin Tun Razak made a 1 day work visit to Bagan Datoh Parliament constituency on 20th June 2010.

In conjunction with that, 15 of our branch Youths led by Sri Venggataraman, Youth Chairman of TAM Bagan Datoh Branch have smartly dressed in Youth Corporate Shirt and gathered to welcome the honorable prime minister to Bagan Datoh with the aim of showing our presence to him. Sri Mahendra Rao, TAM National Youth Deputy Chief also joined with us. Here is a short narration of what have we experienced throughout the day.



We gathered at the Hutan Melintang Secondary school early in the morning as it is the place where the helicopter which the honorable prime minister was flying in will land. While waiting for him, we met the Perak State Assemblyman for Rungkup Constituency, YB Shaarani Mohamad and took a group photo with him. Then, Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi who is the Defence Minister of Malaysia and Parliament Member of Bagan Datoh Constituency arrived at the school. We greeted him and took a group picture with him. Soon after that, the Perak Menteri Besar, YAB Dato’ Seri Zambry Kadir arrived and when we greet him and introduce ourselves as the Youths of Telugu Association of Malaysia, he replied ‘oh, mana Dato’ Seri Zahid?, Bapa Telugu Malaysia’. Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi heard that and said ‘ya laa, saya memang bapa telugu malaysia’ in a proud tone.

In a short while, two helicopters landed on the field of Hutan Melintang Secondary School. As soon as the Honorable Prime Minister gets down from the helicopter, we were among the first to greet him, introduce ourselves and welcome him to Bagan Datoh. After that, we have joined the convoy of cars and motorbike along with the Prime Minister’s car to Dewan UMNO Simpang Empat, where the Bagan Datoh UMNO Delegate Meeting was held. After that, we followed the prime minister to Bagan Datoh, where he launched the NGV Tech Ship Dockyard. Next stop was Bagan Sungai Tiang, Selekoh where the honorable Prime Minister met the Chinese.

And the final destination was Dewan Sanmarka Orang India in Simpang Empat where he met the Indians. Hundreds of our Branch Telugus joined with us there. The Chairman of TAM Bagan Datoh Branch, Sri K.R.Ramanaidu was given the opportunity to garland and honor the Honorable Prime Minister. He also submitted a memorandum about our needs to the prime minister. As the day was father’s Day, The Honorable Prime Minister wished Happy Fathers Day in Tamil. Soon after that, he said ‘ Bagi Bapa-Bapa dari Masyarakat Telugu pula, Thandri Thina Shubakankshalu’. We were so surprised as the nation number one leader was wishing us in our sweet language. It was unbelievable. The prime minister also gave away financial aid to the 5 Telugu families who were victims of a unfortunate fire incident on 7th June 2010.








Even though we were exhausted, we were so happy that we have succeeded in making our presence being felt by the Prime Minister and also by other nation leaders. It is proved since the Honorable Prime Minister himself has wished us in our very own sweet language. This is a positive feedback from the prime minister and it definitely gave us a confidence boost for our major event, ‘An Evening with Prime Minister’. Our special thanks to Sri Jami Kanayya, TAM Bagan Datoh Branch Committee Member who is also the MIC Bagan Datoh Division Deputy Chairman as well as to Sri Jegathees Rao Mariah, our branch Youth’s Treasurer who is also the Ketua Pemuda MIC Bahagian Bagan Datoh for giving us information and helping us in getting a very good oppurtunity to garland and send a memorandum to the Honorable Prime Minister.

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