NATS Update on TriValley University Students

Here's a Press-Note released by Mr. Madhu Korrapati on behalf of North America Telugu Society (NATS) pertaining to the activities taken up by NATS in helping out NRI students who fell victim to the TriValley University closure:-

Dear Friends of NATS,

North America Telugu Society (NATS) conducted a very successful meeting between Trivalley University Students and US immigration officials at the Indian Embassy in Washington, DC

NATS President Mr. Ravi Madala, Immigration Attorney Ms. Sheela Murthy along with around 65 TVU Victims met the SEVP (Student Exchange Visitor Program) Director Mr. Louis M Farrell, Assistant Director Ms. K Kennedy and two other ICE (Immigration and Customs enforcement) Special Agents in the Indian Embassy on Friday, April 15th to discuss and resolve issues caused by the closure of the university.

This meeting was arranged by the Indian Embassy, after NATS intervened in this issue and organized a meeting with Indian Ambassador on March 28, 2011, in which Mr. Rajagopal Lagadapati, MP from India and NATS Officials urged the Ambassador to help the students in this issue. In addition, NATS organized a protest in front of the White house on March 29, 2011, where over 100 students gathered with placards and chanted slogans to bring these issues to President Obama's attention. As a result US officials are now starting to take these matters seriously and NATS hopes to have a clear resolution on this matter in the next two to three weeks.

During the April 15, 2011 meeting NATS representatives submitted a memorandum with six specific action items to the SEVP Director.

 US officials should not issue anymore NTA's (Notice to Appear) related Trivalley issue. ICE should withdraw all outstanding NTA's.

Return the bond money immediately.

Issue a policy statement declaring, students to be in status for 180 days, from the university closure date January 18, 2011. Provide copies of the statement to USCIS, CBP (Customs and Border Patrol) and State Department

 Return the fee money held by ICE to students, advise banks / credit card companies to return the fee to students.

Release all detainees immediately.

No more detentions of students; communicate the same to all customs & border patrol and USCIS officers across the country.

Attorney Ms. Sheela Murthy volunteered to help the affected students and asked all the students to write their case to her so that she could do the best from her end to help the case. The US Officials were very positive in their demeanor and listened very patiently to the concerns of all students who attended the meeting. US officials conveyed they will work on a feasible solution to end this crisis immediately.

NATS is currently working on having a dialogue between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Obama on this issue. NATS will be meeting President's office and get this issue resolved in the next few weeks.

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