Dallas Reception for Hon. CM Shri Nara Chandrababu Naidu Garu


Dallas Reception for Hon. CM Shri Nara Chandrababu Naidu Garu

Dallas Telugu Community hosted grand reception to Hon. CM Shri Nara Chandrababu Naidu Garu on May 6th from 6-10Pm at Irving, Convention Center,  Irving, TX.    This event was hosted by APNRT, APJanmabhoomi , NRI TDP and supported by many community organizations.  

Shri Nara Chandra Babu Naidu garu on his first trip to USA as the chief minister of the new AP state,  addressed a packed crowd in excess of 5,000 people from all around the country in Irving Convention Center, Dallas, TX on the evening of May 6th. Even after two days of tight schedule and hectic meetings with prospective investors and business leaders of Bay area and Dallas, an indefatigable Mr. Naidu entered the convention hall amidst huge applause and chants of “Jai Babu” from an expectant crowd. APNRT Global Adviser of IT,, Mr. Satish Manduva introduced Shri Nara Chandra Babu Naidu Garu to the audience as a visionary CM, Role Model, Inspirational Leader, chief architect of Navya Andhra Pradesh and welcomed him to stage.  

For the next 45 minutes Mr. Naidu spoke passionately at length on a range of topics, like a teacher, a leader, an eternal student and at times as a person with folded hands  requesting the support and help from the NRIs to rebuild their home state. He reminded the audience about his earlier role in the overall development of the erstwhile AP state, how his vision and successful execution of the same has put the state in the global technology services map, how his educational policies paved way for a generation of young people from different rungs of the society to be successful like them. He said that he is extremely proud of all the progress and tremendous achievements of the Telugu community and reminded them that its time to repay back and help him in the development of the new state.

He explained the difficult circumstances in the state and the challenges it faced after bifurcation and the tremendous progress and development in the state under the TDP government in the last three years. Fiber grid connectivity of the state by an innovative reuse of the existing power lines, interlinking of the Godavari and Krishna rivers, pensions, insurances, scholarship schemes for needy, un-interrupted power supply at a reasonable price etc. were some of the things mentioned. Maintaining an optimum balance between the welfare schemes needed for the poor and the long term infrastructure growth and wealth creation are his main goals, opined Mr. Naidu. The fact that the farmers did not hesitate to put in his hands about 40 thousand crores of resources as a part of the land pooling scheme for the state capital, shows how much faith they had in him and he is extremely honored and indebted for their gratitude, an emotional CBN said.

The unique demographic dividend with a double digit growth opportunity should make India in general and AP in particular an automatic choice for investors and businesses alike, felt CBN and said that his goal is to put AP as one of the top three states of the country by 2022 and number one by the year 2029. He laid out his plan to build Amaravati as a world class city and a knowledge hub from the current greenfield location and reminded the audience about the transformation of a brownfield location into Cyberabad earlier under his stewardship. He extolled the intelligence and hardworking nature of the Telugu NRIs and goaded them to take a leaf out of the Jewish diaspora's progress book to become successful entrepreneurs, take part in the local governing bodies and give back to their motherland. He was elated with the recent advancement of women in various fields and encouraged them to become successful entrepreneurs too.

Mr. Naidu laid out his vision for the state by providing world class infrastructure that can transform it into a knowledge, research and manufacturing hub, provide power at an affordable price by using renewable solar energy and reduce transmission losses using innovative power storage grids, convert most of the cars to electrical vehicles, make smart villages and smart cities, use technology to eradicate poverty etc. “I have a grand vision. I am working hard, every day and every hour for realizing it. I am learning new things every minute. I need your blessings. I need your help and together we will make our state great again” concluded Mr. Naidu to a standing ovation from the crowd.

Dr. Ravikumar Vemuru, APNRT CEO explained how APNRT is helping Non Resident Telugu people by extending needed services.  Jayaram Komati explained how AP janmabhoomi is helping digital schools.   Also “Indian idol” finalist PVNS Rohit and playback singer Anjana Sowmya, enthralled the audience with songs of yester years. 

Teluguthalli statue & Kondapalli Dolls exhibit impressed many attendees.  

Earlier in the evening, Hon. CM met with 2 big firms DELL, Bell Helicopter representatives to start their operations in Andhra Pradesh.  And got commitment from 28 ITServe member companies to lease office space and provide employment.

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