TAGB and Vegesna foundation conducted ‘Alanati Madhura Geethalu’ Ghantasala AradhanaUtsallu – 2009

TAGB and Vegesna foundation conducted ‘Alanati Madhura Geethalu’ Ghantasala AradhanaUtsallu – 2009TAGB and Vegesna foundation conducted ‘Alanati Madhura Geethalu (Ghantasala Aradhana Utsavallu-2009)’ at Chelmsford Middle School Auditorium on June 19th, Friday evening. Over 300 people attended the program which paid rich tributes to Gana Gandarva Sri Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao.

This program is for a Great HUMANATERIAN cause – helping the disabled children of Vegesna Foundation of Hyderabad ( Vegesna Foundation is helping poor and physically handicapped, mentally retarded, hearing impaired and blind children in Andhra Pradesh since 1988 with the goal of enabling them to live a productive and dignified life. All the proceeds collected from this program will go towards this great cause. Sri Vamsee Ramaraju, Managing Director, Dr. Chitten Raju Vanguri, National Coordinator (US), and two famous singers, Vijayalakshmi and Chandrateja participated in the program.

Dr. Surya Jayanthi, emphasized the need for quality and service oriented programs like this one and requested everyone to contribute generously towards the cause.

He introduced the tour Co-ordinator, and US incharge of Sri Chitten Raju, who is also one of the Top Ten Prominent World Telugu personalities, and the singers, “Apara Ghantasala” Chandra Teja and “Melody Queen” Vijaya Lakshmi by narrating their credibility’s and achievements.

“Apara Ghantasla” Sri Chandra Teja started with prarthana, followed by ‘Bhale Manchi Roju’, ‘Raagamayi Raave’. He mesmerized the audience with his singing. His voice closely resembled Ghantasala and his expression was perfect.

The Star Singer Vijayalakshmi started with ‘Maa Telugu Talliki’ followed by ‘Neelimeghalaloo..’ , ‘Aha naa pellanta’ followed by several duets with Sri Chandra Teja like ‘Himagiri Sogasulu’, ‘Repanti Rupamkanti’, ‘Chitapata chinukulu’, ‘Hayi Hayi ga amani Saage’ and so on. Sri Chandra Teja captivated the audience with padyams like ‘Daruni Rajya sampada’, ‘Nanun Bhavadeeya dasuni’, ‘Enungu Nekki’.

The local singer Madhu Chary rendered Ghantasala songs, ‘Malliya laara’, ‘Vagalaranivi neeve’, ‘Kanti choopu chebuthondi’

Dr. Vanguri Chittenraju presented the philosophy of Vegesna Foundation and presented a video of stories of people who are benefited by the foundation in India.

The audience contributed generously to the foundation and enjoyed the magnificent singing of Sri Chandra Teja and Vijayalakshmi. Sri Subba Kota (The Boston Group) announced a $5000 contribution to Vegesna Foundation in order to raise the funds that will be reached soon to this magnificent cause from Greater Boston. Telugu Association Of Greater Boston helped to raise $15,000 for the Vegesna Foundation, which will help estimated 500 Orphans, Children in INDIA We the Greater Boston community salute, the Vagesna foundation and wish them all the Best. Smt. Sairani Ravi, Dr. Ammani Dasari and Sri Hanumara Satyanarayana, Sri Subbu kota (Boston Group) and Sri Ranjan Vadlapatla, felicitated Sri Ramaraju, Dr. Chittenraju and the artists Sri Chandra Teja and Vijayalakshmi.

As a completion of the event, Dr. Surya Jayanthi, gave Vote of Thanks to Singers (Chandra Teja and Vijaya Lakshmi) for their melodious, mesmerizing singing, hosts, Smt & Sri Sreeenivas Kaki, Smt & Sri Janardhan Sonthi and Smt Ramadevi Jayanthi for their hospitality, and he thanked the community for their generous contributions even in this bad economic times to this great humanitarian cause on behalf of TAGB Executive and Committee. Finally he thanked his committee members for working towards the success of this Humanitarian event, within a short notice of one week.

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