ATA Conference Recognition Event at Atlanta, GA

American Telugu Association has celebrated volunteer’s appreciation dinner on Saturday 25th August 2012 in Atlanta at Brindavan Hotel, Alpharetta, GA from 7PM to 11:30PM. About 400 members including all the committee chairs/co-chairs, volunteers attended the event with families and enjoyed the program.

This event was organized in recognition of volunteers who helped to make the ATA 12th conference a grand success.  ATA 2012 Conference committee distributed 260 trophies to the volunteers who helped to make ATA 12th conference that was held in Atlanta from July 6th to 8th 2012 a grand success.

Program started with Prashanthi Asireddy's opening remarks. She introduced the conference committe members, adhoc committe members, and attendees. Conference Convener Karunakar Asireddy welcomed the gathering and appreciated the volunteers for their hard work which made ATA 2012 Conference a grand success. Coordinator Dr. Jaganmohan Rao said without the volunteers’ help we would not have achieved this. ATA President, Dr.Rajender Jinna thanked all the volunteers. ATA President-Elect, Karunakar Rao Madhavaram announced complimentary registration for 2014 conference to all committee chairs and co-chairs as a token of appreciation for their hard work and making the conference a grand success. He invited all to attend the next ATA conference from July 3rd to 5th 2014. ATA convener Karunakar Asireddy announced further that he will arrange the transportation as a complimentary for attendees as token of appreciation.

ATA Founding member Mr. Hanmanth Reddy,  ATA Secretary Mr. Rammohan Konda,  ATA Trustee Mr. Narender Chimarla, ATA Advisors Mr. Sekhar Reddy, Mr. Chand Akkineni, Mr. Vittal Kusuma, Mr. Anjaiah Choudary, all committee Chairs/CoChairs attended the function. Mr. Pramod Sajja, Mr. Devender Reddy, Mr. Murali Reddy, and Mr. Srinivas Nimmagadda are among some of the donors who attended the event.

Meeting observed a 1-minute silence in memory of Dr.Vempati ChinnaSatyam who was awarded the prestigious lifetime achievement award at ATA conference in Atlanta on July 8th 2012. Prashanth Kollipara showed the conference highlights video to the audience. Recognition dinner ended with cheers around 11:30 PM with vote of thanks by Prashanth Asireddy.

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