Who doesn’t want to live a happy life? Does everyone know the secret to one? Today, let us discover the countless ways of making life happy. It could be simple things that we are missing out on because of our busy schedules. Sometimes it feels as if a happy life is lost between meetings, deadlines and endless traffic jams. To find it, you just have to change your life a little. You may not have realized, but there is a strong connection between your food, sleep and mood. To be in a good mood you must ensure that you eat well and sleep enough. Starving for long hours and sleeping too less can make you irritable.


Anger management is obviously a crucial aspect of being and staying happy. The secret is to never go to bed with anger in your mind. It has been proven bottled up anger can make you frustrated and then one thing may lead to another. To avoid stagnant bad mood just ensure you vent it out before you go to bed.


A lot of things work in your favour even if you fake a feeling. If you are feeling low, for instance, force yourself to act cheerful and see how your mood changes in a few minutes. Make yourself believe that you are happy and nothing is bothering you.


Eating something to improve your mood is not a good idea. This will only add to your calories. Besides, the effect the food has is only temporary. Look for a method that is healthy and whose effects are long lasting. Always remember that being happy has less to do with your personality type and more to with your desire. So, next time you feel low you know how to cheer yourself up.