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Marakathamani Movie Review

on Jun 16, 2017

Movie Details:

Cast: Aadi Pinisetty, Nikki Galrani, Kota Srinivas Rao, Ramdoss, Anand Raj etc.
Direction: ARK Saravanan
Banner: Sri Chakra Innovations, Rushi Media
Producer: Devi Varaprasad
Music: Dhibu Ninan Thomas
Release Date: June 16, 2017

Marakathamani is next project for Aadhi Pinisetty after the blockbuster Sarrainodu where he played main antagonist. Thus, there is some buzz on the film. Let’s see whether the film is worth watching in theaters or not…


Raghunandan (Aadhi) comes to city as to escape from financiers in his hometown. He joins his friend Bujji to work under a small time smuggler. But, when he realizes that, small time deals won’t help him in solving his financial problems, he awaits better option to settle strong in life. Interim, he gets a big deal from a Chinese man. As per the deal, Raghunandan will get Rs 10 crores if he search and bring an ancient diamond Marakathamani. There is a talk in the city that, those who touch the diamond will be killed by an old van. So far, 132 people are killed in the process of grabbing Marakathamani. Raghunandan and his friend meet a tantric (Kota) for help to find Marakathamani. How they find Marakathamani with the help of four souls who were actually died in the course to seize the expensive diamond is rest of story…


1. Comedy
2. Second Half
3. Music
4. Cinematography
5. Artists Performances


1. Tamil Flavor
2. Unknown Artists
3. First Half
4. No Commercial Ingredients


The title Marakathamani indicates that it is going to be a horror thriller. Though the film has little bit of horror and thriller elements, director Saravanan’s main motive was to entertain audience with hilarity from start to end. Yes, Marakathamani is high on comedy. Though there were some boring sequences in first half, entire second half was entertaining. No big story was narrated about Marakathamani’s history. The only thing the director described was Marakathamani was favorite diamond of an ancient king and those who try to grab it will be killed. The film doesn’t even have space for romance. Aadhi adores a beautiful girl Nikki Galrani for few months, but he fears to propose her. Much to his shock, Nikki marries another guy who has no respect for her. She commits suicide one day and she is one of the ghosts who help Aadhi in finding Marakathamani. The process of Aadhi and his friend discovering the diamond wasn’t so exciting, but still we enjoy it. There were no big twists in the climax which was convincing overall.

Artists Performances:

Marakathamani isn’t a hero centric film. So, Aadhi didn’t get much to perform. However, he has played the role of Raghunandan with ease. Thankfully, the film doesn’t have any songs. Nikki Galrani was equally good in the role which has two shades. She was decent in sarees when she is alive and she was a livewire as ghost. Kota Srinivas Rao was cool and Brahmanandam was okay in a short role. Ramdoss and Anand Raj provided enough of entertainment. Both the artists tickle our funny bone with their comedy timing. Other artists were good.

Technical Aspect:

Director ARK Saravanan picked a good subject and thankfully he put his major focus on amusement. And he got maximum assistance from all the technicians. While cinematography was major asset of the film, music director Dhibu Ninan Thomas gave wonderful and fascinating music. Theme music and background score for crucial sequences was excellent. Editing was sharp. Production values are too good for a medium range film.


Marakathamani would please those who love hilarity and thrillers. Bad promotions are to affect the film collections.

TeluguOne Perspective:

Hilarious Entertainer

Rating: 2

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