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Censor Board to Sack Dhanalakshmi

on Jun 5, 2012

Irked by her adamant behavior, biased nature and lack of knowledge of Telugu, several Tollywood producers have lodged a complaint on Andhra Pradesh Censor Board Regional Officer Dhanalakshmi to the Censor Board of Film Certification CEO Pankaj Thakur asking him replace her immediately. Earlier they have complained on her in the last year to Ambica Soni – Union Information and Broadcasting Minister and ironically no action has been taken yet.


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Reportedly, 80 producers held a two hour meeting with Pankaj Thakur and addressed their problems. Also, Thakur responded promptly and said that their concerns would be addressed to the I&B Minister and Chairperson. Currently, Dhanalakshmi is undergoing training in Delhi and in the mean time, the Bengaluru Regional Censor Board Officer has taken charge in Hyderabad. The producers have vented out their frustration on Dhanalakhsmi who is totally biased and advising unnecessary cuts to the filmmakers for some vested interests and she is going to be sacked soon, says a filmnagar source.

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