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Businessman One Week Collections

on Jan 20, 2012

Businessman 1 Week Collections: Mahesh Babu’s Businessman first week collections created an all-time record as it registered 62,93,42000 Gross and 41,83,51000 share in the first week of release. Now this is as huge as it gets! Considering the massive release, it was expected that Businessman first week collections would create a new land mark in Telugu cinema history and that’s what exactly happened at Mahesh Babu once again unleashes his box office power. Check out the break-up for Businessman one week collections.


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Businessman 1st Week Collections

Nizam - 15,19,00,000
Vizag- 3,66,59,000
East - 2,98,05,000
Krishna - 2,48,96,000
 Guntur - 3,95,75,000
 Nellore- 1,64,93,000,
Ceeded - 9,20,60,000
Karnataka - 5,60,85,000
US 10,08,00,000,
Chennai - 1,47,56,000
Orissa - 75,00,000
North - 88,70,000
Others- 2,60,00,000 

Businessman 1st Week Collections (Share) - (Amt in crores)

Nizam: 9.27
Vizag: 2.76
Krishna: 1.61
Guntur:  3.26
East Godavari: 2.27
West Godavari: 1.80
Nellore: 1.10
Ceeded: 4.40
Karnataka: 3.56
ROI: 1.40
Overseas (all countries): 8.40

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